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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

Originally Posted by Deathspector View Post

Villains who run away can actually be a lot of fun to write about, because the protagonist can never seem to catch them. But yes, they do get annoying.

Apart from all the one's you've spoken of, I like villains who aren't even in the story till quite late. If anyone has read the Sally Lockhart series, you'll know what I mean. The villain is there, causing life to be hell for the protagonist, but no one knows that he/she is even there. Then finally, after grueling tasks to find out who this villain is, and where he/she can be found, the villain is easy to kill. One bullet to the chest. One push off a building. Almost an anti-climax, but Pullman does them so well, that I've developed a liking for them.

That's actually a very interesting point you brought up, Deathspector, and I might have to agree with you on that. Well, some parts.

I like my villians to stay strong pretty much throughout the entire story, but it's interesting when the main protagonist doesn't know what they're doing.

@ skiboydoggy - Thieves don't have to neccessarily be bad characters. I like the idea of thieves being portrayed as a protagonist.

@ TheDrakEevee - Ditto. ^_^

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