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Default Re: EV Training / IV Breeding Center

I need a jolly Dunsparce with at least 25 IV's in attack and speed. I am offering a legit shiny sneasel I caught yesterday. I also have leftovers, lucky eggs, and the power items.
I have many natured pokemon available as well, just let me know what you want.
Gible- jolly or adamant -outrage
Larvitar- jolly or adamant
Chimchar- jolly, adamant, neutral natures -thunderpunch
Dusklops- destiny bond (EV'd in hp def and impish) with evolving cloak
Misdreavus- Timid, ev'd in speed sp. attack
Spiritomb- Impish, careful, pain split
EV'd timid kadabra in speed and sp. attack.
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