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xP As if I'll let my come-back thread die. Sincerely.

I have a lot on unfinished/short story pieces on my computer. Beware. >D

And besides. I happen to like the title of the next piece. xD *shot*

Document 1 (recovered)

It wasn’t often he got to spend time alone.

–But what’s so great about that anyway?

He eased back onto the grass, eyes closing as he settled onto his back, shivering slightly at the feel of the dew-covered fronds brushing gently against the sides of his neck.

The hectic, never-ending, pure energy of the world always seemed to crest in shimmering waves around him, flowing and ebbing; a constant swirl that threatened to drag him under, tearing apart any calm and tranquillity that remained in his life.

(Semblance, mask, fašade-)

Singing, breaking, dancing, falling- everything that life was supposed to be, but wasn’t falling about his ears, rumbling in a roaring crescendo that contrived to drive him over the edge of insanity if he didn’t just bowl over and succumb like so many others did.

But what is life without its various pitfalls? The bad times are what make the ‘good times good’ and he stood stoutly by the view, always there to promptly ignore anyone who spoke a word against him.

-and life spins, unhindered, in its never-ending dance between chaos and harmony-

And so he sat.


Banner by me. Image used in banner by sakimichan on subeta. Character is mine. =3

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