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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: May 20-somthing or other.
* Birthdate: 28/07/91 ;]
* Name: Richard (Rich, Duh.)
* Alias: Urrm, wut?
* Sex: Yes, please ;] Lawl, Male.
* Race: English? *Shrug*
* Ethnicity: Caucasian. (However you spell that bugger.)
* Birthplace: Dudley, England.
* Location: Oldbury, England.
* Height: 5'9/5'10 - ish ;]
* Weight: 140lbs? Somewhere theres.
* Shoe Size: 9
* Eye Colour: Light Blue, flecked with green. If ya don't mind me sayin' so, I gots awesome eyes, lol. ;]
* Hair Colour: Dark Blonde.
* Piercings: Nope.
* Tattoos: Nope.
* Dating/Marital Status: Alone T.T Me jokes ;] But yes, me be single.
* Sexual Orientation: Straight as this |
* Family: Three bro's, mum and dad. Dad lives away though and my mum's boyfriend lives with us.
* Pets: Cat and thassit.
* Grade: Left school last year.
* Occupation: Full-Time student. (Accountancy A-level.)
* Favorite Colours: Green, then Blue.
* Favorite Movies: Braveheart, FTW! Lolz ;]
* Favorite TV Series: LOST. Prison Break. The Mighty Boosh.
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: My brothers band, Telegramme. The Editors. I like indie music.
* Favorite Video Games: Call of Duty 4.
* Favorite Character: Probably Link from LOZ
* Favorite Book: The sword of Shannara (Series)
* Favorite Food: Absolutely love yorkie puds on my sunday dinner ;]
* Favorite Beverage: Water =/ Apple juice, maybe.
* Favorite Clothing Brands: *Shrugs* No favourites.
* Where you've traveled: Oooh, gawd. Spain, California, New york, Australia, Portugal and France.. To name a few. (I was too young to remember half of these holidays ;])
* Hobbies and Keywords: I'm a football fan. Hardcore football fan. The Albion (WBA) are my local team and I've supported 'em since I were a wee sprout ;]
* Picture (Photo): I'll get one up for ya all soon.

Peace, Rich ;]
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