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Default Re: Willing to trade the following for an UT ALAMO Darkrai

Originally Posted by Bitoko View Post
Hey guys, if you are interested, please PM me, but I am willing to offer the following:

Shiny UT 10aniv Celebi (Legit!)
UT MYSTRY Mew (Legit!)
Shiny EV Trained Umbreon lv. 100 named "Night Lady" (Legit!)
Japanese UT Darkrai (Legit!)
Shiny EV Trained Salamence lv. 100 (Legit!)
Shiny EV Trained Metagross lv. 100 (Legit!)

So yeah, thats what I got to offer, I am willing to trade two for one Legit UR ALAMOS Darkrai, so PM me or post if you are willing to trade.
whats metagross EVed in?
Wow,I am A physhic...Thing...
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