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[Hold Item]Leftovers
[Trainer ID] 20163
[Level] 100
[Nature] Calm
[Shiny] No
[Pokerus Infected/Cured/Neither]Cured
HP: 31 ATK: 31 DEF: 31 Sp.ATK: 31 Sp.DEF: 31 Speed: 31
[EVs] All evs 85
[Contest Stats]None
[Nickname] None
[Trainer Name + Gender] James Male
[Pokeball caught in] Masterball
[Ability] Pressure
-Nasty Plot
-Aura Sphere
-Shadow Ball
[PP Maxed] Yes
[Met at level] 25
[Met at place] Route 209
[Date Met] March 11, 2008
[Egg Received] No
[Date Egg Received]
[Fateful Encounter] No

Pokemon FC: 1676 3105 5499
Will not be used for wifi battles. Just for battle tower. So can u help me out please
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