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Leaning against the wall in the semi-darkness of the tunnel’s entrance, Stormblade began to wonder if his friends had gotten out after all. He had to admit, the thought of being trapped in the hive after the others had gotten out safe wasn’t very pleasant, but the safety of his friends was more important…wasn’t it?

He would somehow have to find out if they were still in the hive, and then somehow come up with an escape plan. Obviously, it would be easier said than done.

The beating of multiple wings interrupted the scyther’s thoughts. He ducked further into the tunnel as several combee flew past, several entering the various tunnels around the walls of the large cavern. Stormblade stood perfectly still against the stone wall, watching the entrance warily. He knew he couldn’t just hide for long, and he’d have only one option of escape-down the very tunnel he was standing in, though if he moved an inch from where he was, he could easily be spotted by the combee patrolling the area. It wasn’t a good situation, to say the least.

However, Stormblade didn’t have to wonder what to do for long. His decision was made for him as one of the combee happened to dart into the tunnel he was hiding in, spotting him and calling out to the others. Instantly, half of the tunnel-searching combee flew toward him, and the scyther had no choice but to run.

As he dashed through the tunnel, Stormblade could hear the combee from behind, but the passage was far too narrow to allow him to fly. As he ran further, the tunnel became even narrower, and the ceiling much lower. Knowing that the combee were much smaller than he was, Stormblade could only hope that the passage didn’t lead to a dead end. He ran as fast as he could in the narrow space, his wings flattened against his back and his head lowered to avoid hitting the stone spikes on the rocky ceiling.

Unaware of where he was going in the darkness, he suddenly gave a small cry of shock as he realized he had run right over the edge of a steep slope. Before he even had the chance to spread his wings out, he was sent crashing into a large crumbling stalactite. The old stone formation had already been cracked and breaking, and the sudden impact the scyther made against it caused it to crumble and crack at its base. As Stormblade was knocked to the ground, dazed, the rock broke off from the cave ceiling and fell, shattering on the rough stony ground and causing the stone of the floor to crack and break.

Stormblade had barely started to stand up when the rocks beneath him crumbled and broke apart. He now realized from the way the floor was caving in that he was in some sort of small cavern right above a larger chamber. A shard of broken stone struck his head, knocking him down as the cave floor collapsed completely. Stormblade cast a fleeting glance upward, seeing the shocked faces of a few combee who had just managed to catch up with him. A moment later he had landed, not on hard rock, but on something that was actually quite soft.

Stormblade opened his eyes and glanced around, still dazed from the blow to his head. He had landed in some medium sized chamber on a floor that seemed to be covered in a sort of soft moss or other strange plant material. Shaking his head to clear it, Stormblade stood up shakily and took a step backward. He gave a cry of shock as he fell backwards into a large pool of something wet and sticky. Leaping up in disgust, he cried out in anger as he realized he accidentally tumbled into a large pool of honey.

Growling angrily, Stormblade began frantically trying to scrape the mess off his scythes as he muttered under his breath, “This is all Spark’s fault…It was his crazy idea to come here…Oh, when I find him…”

Stormblade stiffened suddenly, hearing a noise behind him. Dreading what he would see, he turned around, and froze in shock. Not only were there about fifteen combee already in the chamber, but hundreds more were waiting from a larger cavern, and standing on the other side of the chamber directly in his path…was a vespiquen.

Stormblade glanced around, just then noticing the destroyed ceiling and the very large broken chunks of stone that now littered the cavern and the honey pool. The very same honey pool he was still standing in. The chamber had obviously been much nicer and cleaner than any of the others he had been in before, and probably much nicer than any of the other honey caverns. It took only a second for him to realize that this was a part of Vespiquen’s royal chamber…and the chamber had all but been destroyed in the cave in; the cave in that he had unintentionally caused.

Obviously, the vespiquen wasn’t too happy about it.

To be continued...

So...this chapter was too long to fit in one post. >.< Bleh...well, I'll be posting the next chapter soon...still not sure if anyone's read the last one but oh well.

Edit: Oh noes the picture is too big! D: Sadly, if I resize it it will look dumb. Oh well, the pictures for the other chapters will NOT be that big! ^^;

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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