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Ok, new chapter! I'm splitting this up in two posts because I know it'll be too long^^;

The Path of Destiny
Chapter 9- Trapped

(Another old picture ^^;)

Wildflame was confused. She had tracked Snowcrystal’s scent to the base of one of the large cliffs, and the scent led to a rocky path to her right which in turn led to a combee hive. Stepping back, Wildflame walked away from the cliff’s base, muttering, “Blazefang can yell at me all he wants, but I’m not going in there.”

Unsure of what to do, she decided to wait a while, not wanting to face the wrath of Blazefang and the rest of the pack just yet. If the growlithe and her friends didn’t come out from the hive after a while, she decided, she could just assume they were dead…


Snowcrystal knew they wouldn’t have much time. They needed to get out before the combee blocked off all of the tunnel’s exits. “This way,” she whispered, heading off into another tunnel leading to their left. Rosie followed quickly, hearing what she thought was the combee coming closer. The two of them vanished into the tunnel, unwittingly leaving Thunder behind.

“Where are we supposed to be going?” Rosie growled as they moved further through the tunnel, giving Snowcrystal a glare, “You don’t have a clue, do you? We could be heading back to that big room where all those combee are and you wouldn’t even know!”

“I’m trying, all right,” Snowcrystal replied, resisting the urge to point out that Rosie didn’t have a clue as to where they were headed either.

Suddenly Rosie gave a shriek and halted, causing Snowcrystal to stop as well. Up ahead, about a dozen combee had entered the tunnel and were now facing them. “Back the other way…” Rosie whispered, turning around.

“Oh come on,” Snowcrystal shouted, “They aren’t strong in small numbers!” Not bothering to even check if Rosie had heard, Snowcrystal leaped at the nearest of the combee, knocking it out of the air and sending it crashing to the cave floor before sinking her teeth into its wing. Feeling a strong blast of air shoot by her, Snowcrystal leaped out of the way and fired an ember at the remaining combee before darting past them and through the tunnel. The sound of Rosie’s pawsteps behind her told her that the vulpix had managed to make it past the combee too. However, the angry pokémon were still following them.

Snowcrystal cast a fleeting glance behind her, only to run straight into Spark who was fleeing from a different tunnel. Rosie, unable to stop in time, crashed into Snowcrystal. The three of them fell to the ground in a tangle of paws and tails. It took Snowcrystal a moment to realize who she had run into.

“Spark!” she gasped, “We’ve got to go now, there’s a group of combee coming straight for us!”

“Well there’s about fifty of them coming here from that way,” Spark replied, pointing his muzzle toward the tunnel he had been running from, “I’d say your way’s better, let’s go!”

The combee that had been chasing Rosie and Snowcrystal were surprised to see the two pokémon running back that way with yet another intruder, but a thunderbolt from Spark stunned them long enough for the three to get past. “Which way now?” Spark asked.

“I don’t know! Any way!…Uh…let’s try this way!” Snowcrystal cried, darting into yet another of the labyrinth-like tunnels.


Thunder was now making her way through the tunnels on her own. The fact that Rosie and Snowcrystal had left her behind barely registered to her. She wanted to get out of the hive, and her traveling companions were actually of little, if any, concern to her.

The scyther’s feet made a loud splash as she entered into a wider tunnel half-flooded with water. The water was trickling down the walls of the cave and from the ceiling, making every rocky surface slippery. There was a deeper pool up ahead and Thunder paused next to it to take a much-needed drink of water.

A lone combee flying toward the hive on its own happened to come by, staring in shock at the dark form of the scyther lapping at the water from the pool in the middle of the tunnel. The news of intruders had not yet reached this combee, and for a moment he only stared in surprise. But that moment didn’t last long. “What are you doing here?” the combee cried, and Thunder turned her head in his direction.

To the lone combee’s shock, the scyther didn’t reply, didn’t even look surprised to see him there. The smaller bug pokémon had no time to react as the scyther leaped toward him, slashing her blades across the small pokémon’s body. The combee fell to the ground, unconscious, and Thunder ignored it, simply walking through the water and into the next cavern.


Snowcrystal, Rosie and Spark could hear more combee coming their way. Ultimately, they realized, there would be no escaping them, as there were simply too many, and the exits were blocked. Spark peered through a small hole in the cave wall next to him and sighed. “They’re everywhere…” he whispered, “And I can’t run much longer…” Looking toward the others, he could see that Rosie was exhausted as well, though Snowcrystal didn’t look as tired.

“We must keep going,” the growlithe whispered, “I’m used to running long distances and I know you aren’t, but we have to-”

“Stop!” a voice called from behind, and Snowcrystal reluctantly turned to see a huge group of combee hovering directly behind them. Another equally large group arrived immediately after from up ahead, and the combee formed a large circle around the group, surrounding them completely.

Spark growled, his fur sharpening into spines as he readied an electric attack. “Don’t…” Snowcrystal whispered, “We could never fight this many…If they attack back we’re done for!” Spark reluctantly nodded, but his fur didn’t lie down flat.

The group of combee knew they had caught most of the intruders at last. One of them, obviously the one in charge of the first large group, glared down at the three travelers and called, “You must come with us. Attack, and you’ll regret it.”

The three friends were soon led by the combee toward what Snowcrystal was certain was the big cavern, knowing that if they attacked, they could easily end up dead.


Stormblade had to admit that this was just about the oddest situation he’d ever been in, and likely the most dangerous. The combee surrounding the vespiquen looked a lot more angry than the ones he’d seen before. Stormblade stood frozen to the spot as the vespiquen came closer, the eyes of the combee around her glowing slightly. He leapt away from the pool of honey as all at once, the combee fired some bizarre-looking white beam of light at him. Stormblade landed near the wall of the cavern, unscathed, only to have the combee surround him again. The attack they’d just used, he supposed, was probably something the vespiquen had made them do, not an attack they could use normally.

Almost as soon as he landed, the combee fired the attack once again, and he quickly darted out of the way and headed toward the cavern’s exit. However, before he’d gotten far, several of the combee’s attacks hit him at once, sending him crashing into the ground.


Thunder had found her way blocked by a swarm of the angry combee. However, rather than running from the pokémon, she charged straight towards them, instantly taking out quite a few with her dangerous scythes. The combee, realizing the danger, swerved out of the way to avoid the whirlwind of slashing blades as Thunder darted by. Seconds later the swarm regrouped and headed toward Thunder, who leaped back and slashed viciously at any who happened to come too close.

The combee seemed momentarily taken aback by Thunder’s ferocity, and they weren’t sure of what to do. It didn’t take them long to decide, and soon Thunder was faced by attacks from all sides. Ignoring the odd beams of white light flying toward her from all directions, Thunder focused on causing as much damage as possible to individuals of the swarm.

Suddenly a shout from a nearby cavern interrupted the battle. Thunder noted with interest that the shout had come from Stormblade. More out of curiosity than anything, Thunder ran toward the tunnel where the shout had come from, ignoring the confused and angry group of combee behind her. A moment later, the scyther had emerged into the vespiquen’s wrecked chamber.

One of the combee looked up from where Stormblade lay and toward Thunder, muttering in a shocked voice, “There’s another scyther?”

Thunder stared at the large group of combee who seemed to have forgotten about Stormblade for a moment. Stormblade, seizing his chance, got and up and flew out of the cavern’s entrance, glancing back toward Thunder as if to try and tell her to follow. However, Thunder stood completely still, her gaze fully concentrated on the vespiquen that stood at the other end of the cavern. Without giving any warning she charged toward the larger bug pokémon, scythes raised. The combee didn’t matter to her anymore; this was their leader.


Stormblade realized all too late that he had accidentally flown into the large cavern. Stopping for a moment, he tried to figure out which way to go was least likely to get him killed. The combee working in the hive all looked up, and the moment they spotted another, quite different flying bug pokémon within their hive, they abandoned their tasks and flew after the scyther.

Stormblade tried to head toward the nearest exit while attempting to dodge multiple attacks, but the combee far outnumbered him, and several attacks at once finally brought him down.


Thunder ignored the combee swarm as she sprinted toward the vespiquen at the far end of the chamber, leaping up when she was near enough and preparing to strike. However, just as her scythe was but a few inches from the vespiquen, several attacks from a group of combee shot toward her simultaneously and struck, knocking her down to land sprawling at the vespiquen’s feet. The combee’s leader looked down at Thunder, not seeming surprised in the least. The use of Attack Order had seemed to surprise the scyther, but she was quickly recovering.

Thunder herself was mildly shocked, especially at the way the vespiquen hadn’t even moved when she’d tried to attack her. Leaping to her feet, Thunder once again attempted to land a blow, but was yet again blasted back at the last moment by the Attack Order from the combee.

Thunder winced as her head collided with the cavern wall. Getting up in spite of the blood that now trickled into her eyes, she leaped up again with a newfound rage. She again tried the same charge, but this time, the combee not only fired their attacks at her, but also formed a wall in front of Vespiquen. Thunder was once again hurled against the ground, gazing in fury at the combee who surrounded their leader.

After the scyther managed to stagger to her feet, the combee fluttered away from Vespiquen, as if daring Thunder to attack again. She didn’t disappoint them. The combee watched with what was almost amusement as Thunder tried to attack the nearest of the combee, but they darted away too quickly for the injured scyther to attack. However, it was enough to keep them away from Vespiquen long enough for Thunder to aim another strike.

Thunder slashed her scythe at Vespiquen, who moved neatly to the side in the last instant. As the blade swung past her, Vespiquen gripped Thunder’s chain in her claws, stopping the motion of the blade. Keeping a tight grip on the chain, she swung it in a downward motion, bringing Thunder to the ground. Thunder shook the blood from her eyes as she got up and lashed at Vespiquen with both blades, but Vespiquen had already anticipated this and flew swiftly out of the way. Thunder turned and flew after her opponent, attempting to strike yet again.

Once again, Vespiquen was too fast, and swerved behind Thunder, this time grabbing her metal collar and hurling her against a nearby stalagmite. Her eyes glinting dangerously, Vespiquen launched a power gem attack at the dazed scyther, watching impassively as the attack found its mark, causing the scyther to cry out in pain.

The combee’s leader was mildly surprised when Thunder stood up yet again. The scyther’s breathing sounded a bit strange and painful, and she was bleeding in several places from getting cut on the stones, but Thunder seemed only focused on winning the fight, however hopeless it was. Raising her scythes, Thunder prepared to continue the battle.

“Fool…” Vespiquen hissed, “You just don’t know when to give up…”


Snowcrystal, Rosie, and Spark sat at the base of a massive stone column, guarded by dozens of combee. They could only watch helplessly as Stormblade was led to the same place, and made to sit at the base of the column. One of the combee flew up close to Snowcrystal, giving her a stern and angry glare. “You have stolen honey from our hive,” she began, “And you have destroyed one of our chambers and a supply of honey.” Spark and Snowcrystal glanced at each other in confusion, and Stormblade looked away, pretending to be closely studying the stalagmite column he was positioned next to. The combee continued, “Of course, it will need to be repaired. You will work in the tunnels for us for as long as it takes to repair it, and longer still, for your thievery. That, or you will be killed. Our leader will make the final decision.”

Spark gave a small snarl. “They want us to work as…slaves?” He whispered angrily to Snowcrystal.

“Let’s just hope they don’t decide to kill us,” Snowcrystal whispered back, before a strange noise from a cavern nearby interrupted her thoughts. It sounded almost like…a battle. “What…what was that?” she whispered, glancing in the direction of the sound.


Vespiquen slashed her claws across Thunder’s eyes and face, narrowly avoiding the slash from a scythe that came close to severing her wing. Thunder gave a cry of fury before slashing at Vespiquen again, pure rage giving her strength despite her many injuries. The combee were still staying out of the fight, though Thunder knew that if the battle happened to go her way, that would quickly change, and she would be outnumbered.

Darting to avoid another power gem attack, Thunder tried to strike her enemy with wing attack, and this time, Vespiquen couldn’t dodge fast enough. Thunder struck her across the face, pushing the other bug pokémon toward the tunnel that opened up to the main chamber. Thunder leaped toward Vespiquen with another wing attack, but her momentum caused both combatants to stumble out of Vespiquen’s chamber and onto a rock ledge in the large room.

Thunder managed to make several deep gashes in the vespiquen’s side and back before she was knocked back toward the cliff at the edge of the rock ledge by another power gem attack. Leaping up as if nothing had happened, Thunder sprinted toward the wounded vespiquen again, before the combee had a chance to come to their leader’s aid.


(Continued in next post...)

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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