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Default Re: Aelita vs DS vs Berry vs Panda [Normal Beauty]

Originally Posted by americantreefrog View Post
Magmar uses Ember. +5 hearts, crowd cheers.
Crowd Level = 3

Scyther uses X-Scissor. +5 hearts, crowd cheers.
Crowd Level = 4

Infernape uses Ember. +9 hearts, crowd goes wild.
Crowd level = 0

Smoochum uses Blizzard. +9 hearts, crowd cheers, combo!
Crowd level = 1

Magmar +34 hearts[2nd]
Scyther +25 hearts[3rd]
Infernape +35.7 hearts[1st]
Smoochum +25 hearts[4th]

Grats to Infernape and AS
:] I am new, sorry, but a do I win anything?
Thanks, btw!
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