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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

Haha, a debate? Well, I thought I was just giving some advice.

My point was that villains can have a wide range of personalities. A villain's role needs to match the personality. It needs to be realistic. For example, a tyrannical Tyranitar would generally be arrogant, cocky, and otherwise conceded. He has status and power to enforce it. That arrogancy ultimately leads to his downfall. I imagine a Gengar would be sadistic and malicious. He enjoys causing others to suffer. It amuses him. Eventually, his failure to see compassion and kindness in individuals is exploited. All characters should be torn apart and left defenseless. Exploit all possible personality flaws, but don't be melodramatic. All effective writers use villains who have been thoroughly explored. Even cliché villains can be successful if enough detail is given. One of the major flaws in writing is that many characters, including the villains, are left flat. Well-developed characters are rounded. They learn from mistakes, and if they cannot, they pay the consequences. This applies for both protagonists and antagonists. The only difference with villains is that you're not always writing about the protagonist. Like I said, any villain can be successfully pulled off. You just need to tie everything together. Give as much information as you feel is needed. Sometimes cliché can be good, and if you're a relatively new writer, I advise you to try it. Don't try to be flashy and impressive. Work with ideas, no matter how stupid they may seem. A good villain isn't always the most original. Remember that.

Well, that's at least my thoughts. I'm no professional, but I have been writing for a long time.
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