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Default Re: ~Flygon's Super Store: Shop 'til you Drop

Originally Posted by Go-Getters View Post
ummm i trained them myself by hard work. The umberon and espeon were given to me from a freind to went to the USA
Then no...

Originally Posted by Master_of_Munch View Post
I love banner. Sandshrew is so cute!

Would you be interested in a lvl 100 Shiny Metagross. I am 90% sure it is legit with

LVL 100
ID 14712
Meteor Mash
PKRS Cured(thats the reason im not sure if legit)
Clear Body
Arrived at LVL 5(meaning migrated, most likely from R/S/E from the guy you get it from after E4)
HP 338 ATK 380 DEF 299 SP ATK 199 SP DEF 213 SPD 172(stats seem low thats the other reason i think it may not be legit,but it may be just me)

PKRS gets cured after midnight when its in your team. It doesn't really mean anything. But, is it EV trained, and what were you interested in.
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