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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

Though I like to make up villians as much as the next person, for Pokemon fan fiction, the evil teams are really awesome, especially Team Rocket. Not the bumbling idiots of the anime and the games, though, they are just pansies. I like the main idea of it all. Magma getting rid of all the oceans, Aqua submerging all of the eath, Glactic using the pixies to control the titans; their plots are pretty awesome. In fan ficiton, you can create truly fightening team members, those who don't take pity on their victims. You can combine cunning intelligence and burtal motives all in one while messing with how the team works like ranks, what Pokemon they get, who's in charge, etc.

I also Pokemon as villians. Pokemon have been shown to be extremely intelligent, and with their elemtanl powers, they can be pretty scary. They can be made with every personality under the sun, just like humans. They can be just as inpredicatble as human villians, but they can also be more interesting.

Yeah, my opinions about how I see villians for Pokemon fan fiction.

- Kat

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