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Thunder was far too focused on Rosie and the cage to notice that the human carried a gun until it was too late. The gun fired twice, and Thunder felt one bullet strike her in the side and the other tear into her shoulder. She collapsed painfully to the ground, blood pooling beneath her, and the vehicle drove on. “Thunder!” Rosie cried, leaping up and placing her paws against the cage bars as she heard the gun fire and watched Thunder fall.

Thunder tried to get back up, but the pain was finally too much for her, and she only collapsed again as the truck drove further away, moving far quicker than it had been and vanishing into a large grove of berry trees.

The moment she had seen Thunder collapse again, Rosie’s eyes had filled with tears that came unbidden. “Thunder, get up! Help me!” she cried, even though the scyther was now out of sight, “Don’t let them take me…do something!” She was now sobbing uncontrollably in her absolute terror, fearing the humans and everything they could do to her. Desperately she clawed at the cage bars, not stopping even when she tore a claw and stained the bars with blood.

Thunder could hear the cries growing fainter and fainter, but her strength was ebbing away. She tried to stand up, but failed, and gradually Rosie’s shouts faded into nothing…

Rosie gave a loud cry of fear as she realized that Thunder could not follow her. All around her, pokémon were crying or yelling for help or vainly trying to free themselves. The vulpix knew it was no use, and now Thunder, her only hope, couldn’t save her. Still, even though she knew that no one who could help her would hear her shouts, she did not stop crying out.

“Help!” she yelled in terror, “Someone help me! Get me out! Heeeeeelllp!”

To be continued...

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