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I love all the poems! =D Oh and Azurai Wolf, Spark made a card for you!

Also I'm ready to post another chapter! (This one's a bit longer than the others, but just a little bit.)

The Path of Destiny
Chapter 18- An Unwelcome Return

Rosie awoke to find herself in the same gym-like room, in her same cage. To her surprise, the mightyena from the battle was seated not far from her. For the first time, Rosie studied her carefully, and noticed a rather strange-looking collar around her neck, one that seemed to spark slightly. It was a lot similar to hers, only it seemed somehow…a lot more dangerous than hers…very dangerous. Rosie shuddered. She then realized that the mightyena wasn’t in a cage. Why didn’t she run away? Did she want to be here?

“What are you doing?” Rosie yelled out suddenly, unsure why, “Why are you just standing there?”

The mightyena turned her head in Rosie’s direction, and the vulpix detected a hint of sorrow in the wolf pokémon’s red eyes. “I’m their guard,” the mightyena replied quietly, “My job is to make sure no one escapes.”

Rosie scowled, some of her older self returning as she stalked angrily up to the bars of her cage. “Oh? And you just let them order you around, so if anyone happens to be clever enough to escape you can end their hope for them once and for all!” Her fur stood on end, and she bared her fangs.

The mightyena didn’t look threatened by the small vulpix in the least. She reached a paw up to her collar, running a few of her claws lightly over it. “You see this?” the wolf stated plainly, “If I go so much as half a mile away from this place without one of the trainers deactivating it first, the shock will kill me.” She lowered her paw and said nothing more.

Rosie felt her anger vanish, to be replaced with pity, yet she did not know what to say. “It’s…horrible…what they’re doing to us…” she mumbled at last, “What are they training us for anyway?”

“You and most of the others are being trained as battlers, and will be sold…well the ones that succeed that is,” the mightyena added uncomfortably, “Otherwise they sell you for your pelt.”

Rosie flinched at the statement, but decided to ask another question. “How many humans train pokémon here?” she asked.

“There’s quite a few,” the mightyena replied, “They all work together to catch or steal pokémon, or buy them from other poachers.” She shook her head sadly and went on, “But let’s not talk about that…my name is Nightcloud, and you?”

“Rosie,” came the vulpix’s reply. She knew that the mightyena was just trying to distract her from the present, and though she couldn’t stand the idea that Nightcloud would deliberately change the subject when she had so many more questions to ask, she realized that it was for the best. There wasn’t much she could do about her current situation anyway.

“Rosie,” Nightcloud smiled, “That’s a nice name. Are you from Stonedust?”

“Stonedust?” Rosie repeated, confused.

“Oh…it’s er…a human city,” Nightcloud stammered, “I heard that’s where a lot of pokémon…well…”

“Got caught by poachers,” Rosie finished for her.

Nightcloud nodded.

Rosie sighed. There wasn’t much she could talk about that wouldn’t lead to a conversation about the poachers anyway. “I hope my friends haven’t been caught…” she mumbled, almost inaudibly, “Snowcrystal…she’s a growlithe with white fur…I’m afraid they’ll catch her…and Spark,” she shook her head hopelessly before continuing, “I bet he’s walked into a trap already simply by not looking where he’s going.” She smiled slightly, in spite of the situation. The image that had formed in her mind was somewhat funny, as it seemed like the sort of silly thing Spark would do. “At least I know Wildflame will be fine…” she continued, “She’s a great fighter…but the others…I’m not sure…”

A sudden shout from another room distracted Nightcloud from Rosie’s cage. “I must go,” the mightyena whispered, “But they’ll put me back in this room to guard the cages again later…” With one final glance at the vulpix, she got up and left.


At the sound of Katie’s shout, Justin shined his flashlight over in the direction of the rocks. He felt a rush of excitement-she must have found the white growlithe after all! Pushing his wet brown hair out of his eyes, he ran toward the group of stones, ignoring the fact that he was splashing through deep mud. When he reached Katie, however, she snatched the flashlight out of his hand.

“Give me that!”

“Hey!” shouted Justin, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Katie didn’t answer, and instead began crawling into a small cave. Justin saw her stop near the entrance and crouched down beside her in the hopes of seeing the white growlithe…

But what he saw made him jump back, which in turn caused him to slip and fall onto the muddy ground. A scyther…what on earth was a scyther doing here? Quickly he scrambled to his feet. “Katie, what are you thinking?” he shouted, “Get away from there!”

Stormblade froze for a second. The voice sounded familiar…

He didn’t have time to think about it long, for the female trainer who’d been looking for Snowcrystal earlier shined a bright light in his eyes. Stormblade backed up a bit further, as close as he could get to the rock wall, and glared straight back at the trainer, swiping at the air with his blade in a feeble attempt to give her a warning to stay away.

Katie didn’t back away; she wasn’t close enough to be within the scyther’s range of attack. Justin had been trying to pull his friend away, and when he saw the scyther swipe its blade at the air, he picked up a rock and hurled it at the pokémon. “Stay away!” he yelled. The rock struck the scyther hard across its eye, but to Justin’s surprise, it did not get up and try to attack.

“Will you stop it?” Katie growled, pushing Justin back down onto the ground, “What good will that do? Stay here…I want to get a better look at it…it’s not moving much…and that’s strange...”

Justin knew he couldn’t stop Katie from crawling into the cave, but he called out, “Shouldn’t you at least let one of your pokémon out for protection?”

“No,” she replied, her voice echoing slightly from within the cave, “It hasn’t attacked us yet, what’s the big deal?”

“It’s a scyther! They’re dangerous!” Justin called back, but she ignored him.

Reluctantly, he crawled into the cave after her, feeling absolutely useless while just simply standing outside the cave. Katie stopped a few feet away from the scyther, and Justin was aware of how dangerously close she was. Though as he peered over her shoulder, he noticed what she had noticed, and realized why the scyther hadn’t been attacking them. Its upper body was covered in deep, scalding burns; from the somewhat ‘minor’ ones across the pokémon’s face, to the truly terrible ones all along its back. It had several bad injuries to its leg too, which looked beyond any sort of healing a pokémon center could offer. In addition to all this were the deep, half-healed cuts across its back; gashes inflicted recently by some clawed pokémon. It also now had a bleeding cut across its eye from the rock he had thrown. The scyther’s fangs were bared in a formidable snarl, and both rage and terrible pain were clear in the pokémon’s expression. Justin backed away.

“Let’s…get away from here…” was all he managed to say.

“No!” Katie cried, “Can’t you see it’s hurt? We have to do something!” Before he could stop her, she had crawled further into the cave until she was right up close to the scyther.

Justin knew that there were some ways to ensure that one wouldn’t be attacked by a wild pokémon. Approaching an injured, cornered scyther on the verge of panicking wasn’t one of them. He was about to call out to Katie to stop, when he realized she was already right in front of the scyther, and it wasn’t doing anything. In fact, it seemed fairly relaxed compared to how it had been acting before. Katie was rummaging through her backpack for supplies, and the scyther was just watching her, not seeming to know what she was doing. It seemed to simply be tolerating her presence. However it still unnerved him to see her sitting so close to it. ‘What is she thinking?’ he thought to himself, ‘That THING is going to kill her!’

Almost just as he thought that, the scyther turned its gaze toward him. Justin shrank back. There was something about the look in the pokémon’s dark blue eyes that he didn’t like. Even when Katie got a potion out of her backpack, the scyther continued to stare at him. Justin had thought scyther always looked intimidating, but all the same…this wasn’t a good stare…even for one of its kind. Though why the thing was staring at him and not Katie, who was sitting right next to it, he didn’t know. Shuddering, he looked away, though he could still feel the wild pokémon’s eyes boring into him.

“I’m afraid this won’t do any good,” Katie muttered, looking at the potion bottle.

“No,” Justin agreed, wishing she would just leave the cave, “It’s beyond any sort of help…we should just leave it here.”

“Fine,” Katie snapped, “You go…if you’re so afraid…”

Justin felt stung by the remark, but he didn’t show it. Crossing his arms, he glared at his friend. “I’m not leaving you here to get killed! And for goodness sake, let out one of your pokémon already!”

“Calm down,” Katie replied, “He’s not dangerous…I think he knows we want to help!”

“He?” Justin repeated, “How do you know it’s a he? And yes, it’s dangerous! Just look at those scythes!”

“If he wanted to attack me, he would have done so already,” Katie stated calmly, “And I honestly don’t think he could do much in this state…he could barely lift his arm before. Everything’s fine! Look, see?” Katie reached out her hand and laid it on the wild pokémon’s head. The scyther flinched at the touch, but otherwise didn’t move. After a few moments, he seemed to get used to it, or simply stopped caring, and relaxed. Slowly Katie began to stroke the scyther’s head, being careful not to touch any of his injuries. Justin stared at her.

“Katie,” he said slowly, as if she were crazy, “That is not a growlithe puppy, that is a scyther. Don’t pet it!”

“He seems tame…” Katie mused, ignoring him, “Do you think he has a trainer? Maybe he’s had one in the past…I think I’d have to capture him to bring him to the pokémon center, but I don’t know if he already has a trainer or not…”

Justin wanted to say, ‘What sort of trainer wants a pokémon like that?’, but he held his tongue. He hoped it did have a trainer. He didn’t want Katie to catch this pokémon. He didn’t want to see it again. Simply the name of its species brought back memories far too painful for him.

Katie looked through her backpack for a pokéball. “We need to get to a pokémon center as soon as possible,” she told him, “The white growlithe can wait…let’s see if I have a pokéball…I can at least try it…then I’ll know whether or not it has a trainer…”

“Wait!” Justin interrupted quickly, “Why not use your pokédex? Then you won’t risk wasting a pokéball. The pokédex should tell you if the pokémon has a trainer or if it’s wild.”

“You’re right,” Katie replied, taking her pokédex out of her pocket and holding it in front of the scyther, who watched her warily but did not try to move, “He seems too calm around me to be completely wild though…maybe he’s had a trainer before? This should tell me…” She pressed a few buttons on her pokédex and waited a minute before stating, “He’s wild. But I think he’s had a trainer before. Let’s see…original trainer…original trainer…” She stopped, a look of surprise crossing her face. “Hey Justin,” she said, turning to him, “Did you ever release a scyther?”

Justin just stared at her blankly. “What?” he replied, confused.

“Your name shows up on the pokédex,” she replied, sounding more confused than he was, “Here under ‘original trainer’…”

“Let me see!” Justin yelled, yanking it roughly out of her hand. He scanned the small screen carefully, and there, unmistakably, was his name on the pokédex under ‘Original Trainer’. He felt cold fear grip him, and not worrying about the scyther attacking him, he ran over to Katie and grabbed her arm, yanking her away. “GET AWAY FROM THAT THING!” he yelled.

“What? What are you-” Katie seemed too shocked and confused to form a proper sentence. Justin was staring at the scyther. With all those injuries, it had been impossible to recognize it, but now that he gave it a close glance, he realized it did look similar… Same size, same shape of its scythes…same cold blue eyes…this was the murderer.

Justin pulled Katie out of the cave, and she was too shocked to resist. Once away from the scyther, Justin released her. “What’s going on?” Katie demanded, sounding angry.

“Alright, look!” Justin replied firmly, “I had a scyther, ok? And it’s the reason I stopped being a trainer…I didn’t give up, I got my trainer license taken away because of what that monster did!” He stopped for a moment, shaking as he pointed toward the cave entrance, and went on, “It escaped from me…and killed a little girl…in cold blood! So you wanted to know why I quit training? Well, now you do! Are you happy?” Without another word he turned and ran, not caring where he was going, but just blindly stumbling through the darkness, Katie staring after him with a mixture of shock and horror on her face.

Justin kept running, even after he stumbled on a rock and badly cut his knee. He simply got up and kept going, the white growlithe momentarily forgotten. His voice shaking with rage, he muttered under his breath as if the scyther could still hear him, “Farewell for good, Scyther…I sure hope you suffer for what you’ve done!”

Katie meanwhile, stood where she was near the cave. She briefly glanced back at the entrance, remembering the suffering, injured pokémon she had been trying to help. She wanted to go back to the cave and help him in any way she could, but after what Justin had said…she wasn’t sure, and she could tell Justin hadn’t been lying.

For a moment, Katie turned and walked toward the cave with the intention of continuing to try and treat the scyther, but then stopped, and finally making up her mind, she turned and left, knowing she wouldn’t return.


Stormblade waited a little while before finally venturing out of the cave, staring emptily in the direction the trainer had gone. He couldn’t believe it... He could have gotten help, real help…a real chance of survival. He could have been given food at the pokémon center, had treatment for his wounds, and relief from the pain…

He could have had helpbut now he would have no way of getting any.

He thought about the way the female human had treated him. She had cared about him even though he was a stranger, a wild pokémon. She had dared to get close to him and hadn’t judged him simply for what he was. He had never met a human like that, but now…because of what Justin had said, she simply saw him just as he saw him…

…As a monster

Stormblade felt hopeless…truly hopeless. The nice trainer had left and he wasn’t sure any other human would ever be so willing to help him as she had. The trainer was gone…as were his chances of ever recovering before the infection became worse…

…If he’d had a chance that is. Though the others had tried to keep it secret from him, he’d heard one of them slip and mention that the Forbidden Attack wounds might never heal. He cringed at the thought. Would he have to live the rest of his life in agony?

And would the humans…probably the only ones who could truly help him…never see him as anything but a merciless killer?

Continued in next post...

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