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Snowcrystal proudly set down a dead pidgey, beaming at Spark as she stopped in the middle of the clearing. “Guess what?” she said cheerfully, “I caught my first prey away from the mountains!”

“She got lucky,” Wildflame stated with a teasing grin.

Snowcrystal swiped her paw in mock-anger at the houndoom, before turning to Spark again. “So…where are Thunder and Stormblade?” she asked, looking around.

“Oh uh…” Spark stammered, “Well…Thunder wants to be alone, and Stormblade…well he…oh look, there he is now!” the jolteon shouted, sounding suddenly relieved.

Stormblade had staggered back into the clearing, and Snowcrystal noticed the injury to his eye. Seeing that she’d noticed, Stormblade turned his head away to prevent her from seeing the wound. Realizing that he didn’t seem to want to talk at the moment, Snowcrystal picked up the pidgey and ran over to him, setting it beside him. She knew that he had gone without food the longest; in fact, she hadn’t seen him eat anything even since she met him by the ghost-haunted rocks. But to her surprise, he just brushed right by her, not even glancing at the prey.

“I’m not hungry,” he muttered.

“What? But-”

“I just want to be left alone,” he replied in a dull tone, and limped through the bushes and into the grove of trees. For a moment, Snowcrystal started to follow him, but she decided against it. Maybe it was better if she did leave him alone for a while. Sighing, she lay down with her prey between her paws, waiting for his return…


Thunder was still sitting beside the small pond, thinking… She had grown tired of traveling with the others. What did she need them for? Why was she even traveling with them anyway? She should leave…there was no point in her staying with them. Thunder stared at her reflection in the water, at her face which was stained with blood; from old wounds that had opened up again. With a growl she turned away. She started to walk towards the hills and away from the pool, the pain preventing her from thinking clearly at all. She was going to leave…go off on her own…she didn’t need them at all…

Making sure once again that no one was near, Thunder slipped off alone into the night. She felt too tired to run, so she simply walked, believing at that moment that the others wouldn’t care about her enough to follow. She didn’t have to worry about them seeing her leave…

Thunder hadn’t gone far when she scented blood. She quickly identified the source; a poacher trap…though the pokémon that had been caught was long gone. The snap of a twig behind her made her whip around.

“So…how did you like your short-lived freedom?”

Thunder backed away. Standing framed in the moonlight between two thick trees was the human she thought she’d been rid of for good. Master…

The human walked toward her, not seeming too concerned about her running away. After all, she looked a lot worse off; she was even thinner than she had been before, and with worse injuries. He knew she wouldn’t be running anywhere. Volco, his quilava, hopped down to the muddy ground from the man’s shoulder, grinning wickedly at the scyther. His trainer smiled. Thunder’s recapture would be easy…she looked close to death already. He would punish her, yes…but not until she’d recovered a bit; he had invested far too much time in training her for her to simply be killed, but when she was strong enough, he’d certainly make her feel pain as she never had before.

Thunder growled, backing away. She stumbled over the chain attached to her arm and landed in a heap on the ground, which caused her shoulder to bleed more. Her former master smiled, reaching for a pokéball. “Still feeling defiant?” the human smirked. Besides Volco, he had only brought one other pokémon with him as he explored the hills, but that would be enough. He threw the red and white sphere into the air and in a flash of white, a familiar shape appeared.

Or at least…somewhat familiar. The Redclaw Thunder remembered had been a growlithe…this was an arcanine. Yet she knew instantly that this was the same pokémon…

Redclaw’s eyes widened; clear shock on his face. He lifted his head to look at Thunder, ignoring the thick metal collar that scraped painfully at his neck. Behind him, his Master smiled, while Volco watched eagerly. “Go ahead Redclaw,” the human growled, “Weaken her!”

Redclaw stood still. His gaze was fixed on Thunder, who looked too weak to be able to stand, let alone run. His expression was a mixture of surprise and sadness. Master looked annoyed. “What?” the trainer muttered, looking amused, “Not smart enough to make decisions on your own? Fine then…flamethrower!”

Still the arcanine did not move. His trainer growled in frustration. “What are you waiting for?” he snapped, “MOVE!” Redclaw slowly turned around, and shook his shaggy head. He gave a low growl, a clear indication that he would not fight.

Master’s eyes narrowed. “Fine then…” he muttered, “Learn the hard way!” He reached for a small device in his pocket, and pressed a button.

Thunder’s eyes widened as Redclaw suddenly let out a terrible scream, collapsing in the mud as he thrashed his paws. Master had activated the electric collar. “Want it to end?” the human shouted, “Then fight!” The shock stopped for a moment, and Redclaw lay gasping. Master waited for a moment, but the arcanine did not rise. He pressed the button again.

This time Redclaw’s scream was far more terrible, filled with such pain that it startled even Thunder. The arcanine thrashed on the ground, his screams growing louder. Master and Volco watched impassively, their expressions calm and unreadable. Redclaw’s cries began to grow weaker, his struggles feebler. In a desperate attempt, the arcanine lifted his paws and tried to slash at the collar with his claws, but to no avail, though he didn’t stop even when he tore the claws. The electricity still pounding through his body, he focused every last bit of his strength to try and remove the collar…to end the pain…

And at last he could do no more. Falling back on his side, the arcanine lay still, electricity crackling over his fur as the last spasms finally left his body. Master’s cold gaze fell upon him. “Weakling…” he muttered, before turning to Thunder. Then he took a step back.

The scyther he had tormented for so long was looking at him in a way he’d never seen her look before. She was standing straight and firm, which surprised him. She had seemed so weak…so feeble before, but now she was standing despite her terrible injuries. Both of her scythes were raised. Through the moonlight he could clearly see each gleaming edge. The light reflected off her blades and onto her fangs, which were bared. But her eyes…he had seen pokémon give him hateful stares many a day; he was used to it, but this…this was something he’d never seen before. He had never seen a stare so full of hatred and anger. Master continued to stare at her in horror. Her blades had never scared him before, only fascinated him. He knew how to deal with dangerous pokémon; how to force them to submit to him. He had never been afraid of one…until now.

Thunder stepped closer, her eyes locked onto her former master’s. She walked easily, without a limp. Before, her pain had caused her an unbearable amount of torment; now, it only fueled her anger.

You filthy murdering scum!” Thunder shouted, no longer caring that Master couldn’t understand her words; her meaning was clear enough, “You’ll regret what you’ve done! You’ll regret everything you did. And I’ll make sure you do! I’ll make you pay! For all the pokémon you’ve hurt, I’ll make you feel their pain a thousand times over!” Then, ignoring her wounds, the scyther took a running leap forward.

Master was going to pay…

To be continued...

Oh and in case it caused any confusion or anything, Thunder just refers to her old trainer as "Master" because she was never taught his real name. And this is not the last you'll see of Justin...he'll be back.

Also, since there are now poems about most of the main characters, Scalec, could you make some about Stormblade and Snowcrystal?

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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