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Default Re: Poetry

By Deathspector

Unknown, she walks in
Through open doors
And glides before him
And angel of black moor.

A flash and the memory fades
His hands are slick with sweat
The metal cools against warm palm
Another time weaves its thread.

Unknown she speaks free
He stands on guard
Both friend and enemy
She thinks of him last.

A flash and the memory fades
The light before him widens
The nose indistinguishable
The light in his mind brightens.

Unknown she loves him
Rough edge, manicure
A teenage life enlightened
With feeling in his throat

A flash and the memory fades
Metal tinkles beside
Hands grope for handle small
Remembrance pushes all aside.

Unknown near future
To lovers passionate
The thought one more kiss spurs
Before it is all too late

A flash and the memory fades
He readies himself upright
The shot echoes in the room
The past is clear despite

Unknown she tricked him
Harlot of spite
Black heart now broken
Wails dwindle in the night

A flash and the memory fades
Ripped caps buckle below
Hands and knees floor and ice
Black eyes reminisce once more

Unknown she walks out
Through open doors
And glides right past him
An angel of black moor.


// The Poet Of The Fall \\
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