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Default Re: Robert's Sanctuary [Side effects are: Deep sighs, crying and feeling affectionate


Iíve been reborn.
My past has been erased.
I have nothing but the future.
Iím a new man.

Depression is gone.
Joy is now.
Sorrow is over.
Life is what I have.

All it took was one person.
One person who could change me.
Who could make me be what I should be.
A human being.

It took me seventeen long years.
But now itís over.
And itís time to start again.
With you as my destination.

This time Iíll make something out of it.
I wonít waste this life.
I received a second chance,
So Iím going to use itÖ

I made a promise to God. This is a life worth the world.


Robert Brame

my gift is my song and this one is for you + don't look down, it's only love that we're falling in
all the way to your very last breath, I'll be around 'till we're parted by Death + sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

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