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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

Villains in my opinion should be hard to stop, slightly mad, and perhaps even have a connection with the hero. I'll use my fan fiction, SonicX: Dark Storm, as a example.

I've taken a different tactic, turning the hero into the villain. For one, a good past is necessary. Seeing as SEGA never really truly explained Sonic's past in detail, I took the liberty of giving him evil in his past. Eventually, a demon from his past comes back and haunts him, driving him mad. In his insane bid for freedom, he even attacks his allies. Dark Super Sonic ultimately is hard to defeat, showing little or no compassion, but still having some sort of humour, even if it is twisted. I even expanded on his powers, making him the main antagonist.

Nazo, whom never made it into SonicX, I created into a villain. Calm and level headed, he is highly sadistic. He is perfect, in the sense, that he analyzes his enemies and looks for weaknesses. Also, however, he is uber strong, thwarting even Super Sonic's attempts to injure him. He is the definiton of strength, evil, and cunning. When he enters a fight, the heroes will not win.

As you can see, you can even take official ideas and warp them to your hearts content. Having a villain that was a hero driven mad is what I especially like to write about. The unknowing that they are fighting a former ally, and the revelation, forces the hero to make a hard decision: Kill a friend, or be killed? It is that sort of conflict that makes a reader beg for more.
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