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Originally Posted by scalec View Post
Still...Can we at least have a dream where they switch places?
That's an interesting idea...

Oh and here are two really short deleted scenes. They aren't epic or really all that interesting but oh well. x3 They were written quite a while ago, when I was still on the earlier chapters, so they probably aren't too good, but I know I have longer ones saved, and probably more I can post soon once I find my other deleted scene word file!

Deleted Scene-The Rattata and the Trap
(Was originally going to be in the chapter where they first explore the city where they rescued Thunder.)

Snowcrystal was awed by the buildings, and their strange structures. Stormblade made sure they all kept to the shadows, to the alleyways, because although there was likely to be traps, there would be less chances of encountering a human. Stormblade was obviously still unhappy about having to come there, and even Spark sensed that something was amiss here, as a lot of the buildings seemed broken down and forgotten, and there were very little humans outside. The only humans Snowcrystal saw were walking along a sidewalk a little ways away, carrying some odd metal objects, but definitely no fire stone.

As they walked further, a rattata suddenly darted in front of them, glancing at Stormblade before giving a frightened squeak and scampering away. Snowcrystal suddenly realized that the small pokémon might have seen a human holding a fire stone, and chased after it, crying, “Wait!”

The rattata didn’t stop, and darted around the corner of a building, Snowcrystal following close behind. “Wait a minute Snowcrystal,” Stormblade called to her, “I don’t think that-” He was interrupted as a loud cry from Snowcrystal sounded from up ahead, just after the metallic-sounding snap from a pokémon trap.

Deleted because…I don’t remember actually. Originally Snowcrystal was going to get caught in a trap in the city and Stormblade would rescue her, but it didn’t happen. I had this written already in the chapter but I didn't write more about it then this because I cut it out of the chapter before I did and pasted it in my deleted scenes file. xD

Deleted Scene-Spark Misses His Trainer
(This was originally just a random 'I don't know where this is going' ramble in my chapter that I cut out because it was an 'I'm bored and want to write' ramble. I thought there was more to this, but I guess not (either that or I deleted it).)

Spark turned toward Stormblade at his last statement, glaring at him. The wounded jolteon then stood up and walked away, until he was out of view of the others. Laying his head down on his paws, he closed his eyes. Stormblade just doesn’t understand…how can he expect me to forget Justin…after all he’s done for me? I never even wanted to be wild…

Knowing that no one was near, Spark for once allowed himself to cry, and had anyone been able to see him, they would have been quite shocked. Barely even a whisper, Spark said quietly under his breath,

“My trainer…I promise I’ll find you one day…”

This was originally going to be after Spark and Stormblade argued about Justin, but I didn’t want Spark to leave the group or anything, so yeah…

Well I want to someday write about my crazier (much, much crazier) deleted scene ideas that never even made it to writing...well, typing. I had some of the most bizarre, random ideas, because even though I knew I'd never use them they were fun to think about xDDD

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