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Default Re: my event shop

oh you mean like this:
[Nickname] Ditto
[Hold Item] everstone
[Current Level] 1
[OT ID] 56233

[OT Name] Kimbo
[Trainer Gender] male
[Pokeball Caught In] cherish ball
[Ability] limber
[Pokerus/Cured/Neither] neither
[Nature] jolly
[Gender] none
[Shiny] yes
-HP: 31
-Atk: 31
-Def: 31
-Speed: 31
-Sp. Atk: 31
-Sp. Def:31
-HP: 0
-Atk: 0
-Def: 0
-Speed: 0
-Sp. Atk: 0
-Sp. Def: 0
[Move 1] transform
pp1 10
[Move 2]
[Move 3]
[Move 4]

[Location Caught/Received] twinleaf
[Level Caught/Received] 1
[Date Received] june 20 2008
[Location Hatched from Egg]
[Date egg Received]
[Date egg Hactched)
shiny sector

is that better?
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