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With a roar of agony the typhlosion lifted his paws to the jagged cut, ignoring Master’s shouts to attack. When he pulled his paws away from the injury, he realized with shocking horror that he could no longer see out of his left eye. It had been damaged far beyond repair. Growling in rage, he charged toward Thunder without even trying to launch a fire attack, staring at her furiously with his remaining eye.

Thunder swiped at him with one of her blades, but he caught it in his paw, holding the weakened scyther’s arm firm and refusing to let go even when the scythe drew blood. Gritting his teeth, he twisted her arm sharply to the side to avoid her scythe slashing at him and flung her to the rocky ground. Thunder merely closed her eyes and didn’t cry out; though she was starting to feel that the battle was already lost. Her strength was nearly gone, and Master no longer had any control over this enraged typhlosion; Volco would try to kill her whether his owner wanted him to or not. However, she was not willing to give him the satisfaction of watching her give in.

With a growl she lunged toward Volco, who merely slammed her back into the muddy ground again. Feeling some of his anger fade into calm, Master’s typhlosion walked over to the scyther, ignoring the blood that flowed from his ruined eye socket. “It’s good to see you back in your proper place,” he growled, standing over her, “Alone…defeated…and under Master’s control!” Using the flames around his neck, he heated up his claws before bringing them down on the weakened scyther as he kept talking, accenting each word with another blow, “You…worthless…excuse…for a…pokémon!”

“Volco!” Master’s sudden shout resounded over the area, causing Volco to look up a moment before a pokémon…another scyther, crashed into his side and brought him staggering backward into the mud.

Thunder looked up, and through her hazy vision, she could see the other scyther slashing at the typhlosion’s side and shoulder. “Stormblade…” she muttered in confusion.

Volco could sense that this new opponent was weak as well. Whirling around, he quickly locked his claws around Stormblade’s throat before easily lifting the weaker scyther up and sending him sprawling to the ground. Stormblade felt what little remaining strength he had leave him completely; the initial attack had cost him too much. Volco dug his claws into Stormblade’s burned shoulders, pinning him against the mud-slicked rocks. “What’s this?” Volco smirked, glancing back at his other foe, “Did you find yourself a friend while you were gone, Thunder? Maybe I should finish roasting him properly!”

Stormblade tried to twist free, knowing that any second he’d feel more terrible pain. But the fire attack never came. Volco was too exhausted; the flames around his neck extinguished and the strength to use fire attacks was gone. Ever so slightly annoyed, Volco suddenly tore his claws as deeply into Stormblade’s wounds as he could before ripping savagely sideways.

Thunder looked up as Stormblade gave an agonized scream, her blurry vision seeming to clear slightly. Volco was attacking Stormblade. The typhlosion was too worn out to use his fire attacks, and was instead using his claws, finding it much easier to cause damage to a normally tough pokémon by attacking him where he was injured. Every time Stormblade cried out, Thunder flinched, as if it was actually happening to her. Then all at once Volco backed away, a bad wound in his side from Stormblade’s scythe.

Stormblade had not simply given up. Master, who had been standing at a safe distance, suddenly looked fearful as Volco toppled over onto the ground; the wound was obviously serious. “V…Volco?” he whispered, quickly taking out the injured typhlosion’s pokéball and returning him, before darting away in a panic, leaving the two scyther and Redclaw’s motionless form where they lay.

Thunder sat up slowly, feeling her anger fade away into shock as she looked around at what had been their battlefield. Her gaze fell toward a spot on a rockier patch of ground that was stained with dark blood, where she had attacked Volco before he evolved. She seemed shocked and confused, as if she could hardly believe what she’d done. The sound of approaching human vehicles interrupted her thoughts.

Alarm flared through her; she recognized the sound. It was just like the sound of the truck that had taken Rosie away. “Poachers!” she hissed, staggering to her feet and starting to run toward the bushes. She could make it…if she left now…

Suddenly she stopped, looking back toward Stormblade. She realized there was no way he’d ever make it away from the humans in time. The cuts Volco had inflicted were deep and still oozing blood, and she was sure they would make the already infected wounds even worse. He was unconscious now, as he had probably passed out from the pain. Only the fact that she could see him breathing told her that he was alive. Thunder turned, looking toward the bushes. But for some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to leave. Realizing she was probably missing her only chance of escape if these humans were poachers, she stumbled over to Stormblade and stood near him. It didn’t seem right to leave him there, and despite the fact that the human vehicles were obviously getting closer, she didn’t want to run away. She readied herself, hearing the sounds of the human machines grow louder. She knew that whatever was coming, it was a battle she couldn’t win. Yet she was certain she wasn’t going to back down.

To be continued...

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