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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

See, you all have decent villains. My Pokemon story seems to villainless until the fifth or sixth chapter. Even then, the villain's not especially intimidating, even if her Salamence partner is...

But then again, the trio's rather funny, because Lyznd has this odd fear of cats and Kyrin has an obsession with pointy they're my little comic duo...

You should be glad this Salamence/Wigglytuff combo isn't the main Villain duo.


I feel bad, though. My main villain's one of those dark types, you know? I thought it would be fine when I first made him becuse my main character's an absol too turned out a little predictable...

I SO wish I could put Justify on pe2k, but I can't becauise is contains odd humor. >.<

Enough from me. Nice guide.
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