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Default Re: Villains in Pokémon Fanfiction

Originally Posted by saiha View Post
I think its good to have a couple of villains- ones who show up in about one or two chapters and then get beaten and leave/die, and the main villains who tend to follow the main characters around a lot. I like to leave them mysterious though, i haven't got to it in my fanfic version but in the comic I made that its based on, there is a creepy vulpix who sometimes shows up after a battle. no-one knows anything about it. It don't like any of this
"Do you have any last words?" stupidness, or the villain 'telling hi/her life story to the "goodie" before they fight.' because the second one just tends to give a lot away.
I like having minor and major villains too, I just don't like when a villain has no purpose other than to get beaten up by the heroes. D:

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