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Originally Posted by Azurai Wolf View Post
Well, I don't know. I was thinking a sort Reylai was a human turned pokemon, but not like a PMD story, but it was from Team Rocket. Not decided on how she was turned into a pokemon, but Team Rocket started doing it to other pokemon, too...and...I haven't got there yet. But Reylai gets free and... I don't know!

Reylai: You better make me an awesome character! >.< My personality depends on you...
Hmm, well that's something to go on anyway. That'll certainly be new, if you have TR turn a human completely Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Stormblade: Hm...I can try to help you! Will the story (after she gets free) be like an adventure or something?

Spark: Don't ask Stormblade for help, I can be a much better help!
Doesn't Scyther want to say anything? Or is it left up to the Pokemon here? And there are new people! Yay! I'm Chip the Furret! =^-^=

Originally Posted by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa View Post
Flame:You'll see.

Vanessa:Go, Flame! Use Fire Blast.

Flame:*Uses Agility and is right behind the 2 Scythers. Fries them and giggles.* How did you like that, Spark?

Vanessa:Ya, because your next.
Hey, we don't "fry" people without a reason here you know.

Originally Posted by Solohell View Post
This is what's been keeping y'all from posting so much?

Chris:Wow... such imateur people. Go! Raichu! Go Dynamite!

Raichu: I so wanna shock the **** outta them.

Dynamite: How ya doin' Thunder, Vanessa.
Not everyone is imature. Now, just attacking people, well....

Edit: It may have been a prank, but Stormblade was still injured already!
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