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Default Re: Poké Radar Shiny Pokémon Hunting. The GOOD way. AKA my way.

This post in conjunction with this video from youtube ( ) helped me immensely (as I mentioned in my earlier post on this page)

the line that truly helped a lot was the "make sure you go at least 3 steps and turn once, kind of like an L" (paraphrased).

edit/add: OH OH! and while I'm chaining Baltoy, something else I realized myself while doing my first Starly - you do NOT need to go into every sparkly patch of grass! if there's not four patches or if you can't walk at least 3-4 steps to get to the patch and possibly include a turn then simply walk around the grass so you do NOT go into one of the patches, and after 50 steps reset your Radar :)

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