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Post Pokemon Rising Stars and World Legends, by Circuit

It's Circuit here. Presenting Pokémon Rising Stars and World Legends. (Codenamed Cobalt Blue and Tech Yellow) Another lame game idea? See for yourself. Pokémon RS and WL are new DS Lite RPGs, where you are a young trainer in the small town of Rosedale Village. Across the country is the region of Orre, which is original in Pokémon Coliseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. Oh, and before you regret coming here, I must mention this is a much less stupid version of Orre. A little preview here. Because Game Freak is too busy with other games, Cobalt Blue and Tech Yellow will never be real. I tell you, with the help of Game Freak, this would be a very buyable game.

The basics. Whatever happened to Shadow Pokémon? Gone. Screwed that purifying business, we did. Well, not completely. ~stay tuned~ But yeah, you can now catch Pokémon in the wild. Travel through caves, forests, and arctic to find them. Prof. Elder will guide you through that. He's your old man. Yes, he's actually your grandpa now. He'll spend most of the time studying in the lab, but at night you can catch him taking a break in his house. At the beginning of the game your mum will be downstairs in your fairly large house, telling you that your sister/brother is at your grandpa's house at the moment. Well, enough spoilers, hmm? You have a selection of starters: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. And yes, your brother/sister is your main rival. You meet a dude named Miles along the way. He started his journey before you, and his best Pokémon is Diamond/Pearl starter, the same type as yours. You can catch only Johto and Hoenn Pokémon at the beginning of the game. You may catch Kanto Pokémon in the Orange Islands though. Wait- the Orange Islands?

When you beat your sibling at the Harbor, they will give you a special ticket that you can use for the S.S. Anne. (Hey, it's a luxury world traveler, you know.) Come back to the Harbor after the 5th badge, and the S.S. Anne will be there to go to the Orange Islands. When you arrive at the Orange Island, there's lots of stuff you can do there. Each of the islands have names. You can visit four of the islands at first, but when you beat the 8th Gym Leader, you get a ticket to seven different islands, and ten when you beat the Elite Four. And yes, you can catch Kanto and Johto Pokémon there. At a hidden shop near by on Island 6, (you must have the National Dex) there's a woman who will trade Orange Stones for Orre stones. (Like Water Stone, Fire Stone, etc...) The Orange Stones will evolve Pokemon that will not evolve with normal stones. With an Orange Moon Stone, you can evolve Eevee into Umbreon. This as well as many other evo combinations. Any info on Orange Islands is greatly appreciated.

Team Snagem and Cipher are defeated. Seth defeated them. It's over. Half of them were arrested, and the other half ran out of the region. Except for one. One didn't give up. The new master. He started his own team. Team SunForce in WL, MoonForce in RS. They're a team of cloning, mutating, and superpowering Pokémon to "evil" strengths. Defeating them will get you many things that will help you on your journey. Perhaps, a snag machine? In this game there's a sidequest for shadow Pokémon. This is after the seventh gym leader, by the way. You go through the old Team MF/SF Hideout, where they have Charmeleon. You get Wartortle at Cobalt Lake, and Grotle at Agate Village. They have many other good shadow Pokémon too, like Magmar/Electabuzz or Beldum. Moon/SunForce is the new evil, still recognizable.

Now, the Elite 4. Quite classic, isn’t it? It runs through the Pokémon League HQ. Lotsa lotsa statues, one tiny box for an office. In order to get through the HQ, you must have obtained every badge in Orre region. All 8 badges, that is. The third one being stolen. Then, time for Victory Road. Or Victory Mountain, I should say. Yes, the Cave as we have known is now a Mountain. Mt. Battle, which it used to be. Many trainers and Pokémon await you there. At the bottom of the hill is a small stadium, which a few trainers built for practicing. It’s become quite popular, too. It’s the Mountain Arena. The more you win, the higher your opponent’s level gets. At the end of Victory Mt. is a very large building. It’s the Final Four Showdown. It goes in order of Fire, Dark, Psychic, and possibly, the traditional Dragon. The Champion? Oh, there is none. *looks at your expression* Not buying it, huh? The Champion is your brother/sister, who has multi-typed Pokémon. When you beat them, your dad, grandpa, and rival come, hoping to see your last couple battles. You’re then entered in the Hall of Fame, which is in a tomb atop the Pokémon HQ Tower.

And there’s more after you beat the Elite Four. Sure, there’s more Orange Islands, but there’s also the WCL. The World Champion’s League. The first one in existence. When you beat the Elite 4, the game restarts and you start at Prof. Elder’s lab, where he wishes to upgrade your PokeDex to National Dex if you have over 70 different Pokémon. When it’s upgraded, go to Miles at his house for a special ticket for more Orange Islands. Your grandpa will tell you to see your dad, who will give you an airplane ticket to WLC Town. Go to the airport in Azure City and you will arrive at an immense castle-like Tower. One may only enter it when they have succeeded in earning the four medallions by winning in each of the official colisseums according to their region. Here you’ll find some kids playing around, an arcade, lots of stuff there. There’s a tiny Pokémon Center, lotsa seats. But-but no PokeMart? Silly. No items aloud in the last 4 hardest battles in the game. WLC is in the middle of an ocean, outside of Orre. Here you battle 4 champions: Gary, Steven, Cynthia, and your sister/brother. I haven’t decided if I want 5 Champions though. It’s an extremely fancy colisseum. You’re either very special to beat them, or a cheater. When you beat them, you get a heavy cash prize, a trophy, some ribbons, a pro trainer card, fame, and a Master Ball. Not just that, but you (mysteriously) get access to the Fallen Dungeon. Seeing as you just won a Master Ball, catching the legendary there shouldn't be too hard.

Seeing the world of Orre can't be too hard with the DS Lite. With the complete National Dex, you can see anything, go anywhere. Believe it; this takes place decades after Coliseum does. Much less deserts. For all I know, it could be centuries after Coliseum. One of the last regions. New evolutions. The old land is new again with Rising Stars and World Legends.

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