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Arrow Signature & Avatar Showcase -- Updated Rules [07.06.09]

Show off your new Banners or Avatars here...

Well anyways, new Sig & Ava combo, done in Photoshop...

---> RULES
1.) Just like "Rate the Sig above you" And "Rate the avatar above you", you have to comment some above your post. AT LEAST ONE PERSON to receive comments and criticism on your banner/tag/sig
  • If the person above you has not rated the banner above their post, then you can feel free to ignore their post as if it didn’t exist, and rate the banner that they failed to rate. ;o
  • Post about 1-4 banners here. If you have more, the pages gets taken up, if you know what I mean. If you have more, then just make a gallery, please. ^..^;
  • After you rate at least one banner, then, hey! Rate,comment, criticize as much as you'd like.
  • If someone comments on a banner, and has no banner to show, then it's a freebie. Comment on the other post above that person.

2.) You are NOT allowed to post wallpaper, sprite, digital drawn art work, or artwork done by hand. This is a thread just for Avatars/icons and Sig/banner/tags.

3.) Re-post your banner after about 2-3 pages. Reposing a banner after 5 posts is a little un-needed. @..@;;

Don't request here. Request at this thread - > HERE.

5.) All graphic related questions belong here. --> HERE
More rules will be updated.

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