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Default Re: ~LR's Art Gallery~

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
Wow! That is some great art! The Tailow into Swellow was excellent, and I also really liked the Rayman, the Deltora dragon and the lion drawing.

You are great with a pencil!

I would like to see some of Zanna or any of your other Fan Fic characters! And Scythe! She would look awesome. You could do them as a group (even the evil ones) and Jarre could be back to back with Zanna or something, and then Rye next to Zanna...=D

Yes, the shading is awesome, too!
Glad you like them, GS. Check out the new WAR pic I added.
It has Zanna, Jarre and Rye in it. ^_^

I will do a couple of pics like that soon, I promise. I just have to get around to it. :P

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