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Default Re: Friend Code Listings

Name: Ty
FC: 5111 9914 1459

Brawl FC: 1332-7421-4626

Current RP Character/Info>>>>>

Mutated RP

JT aka-"Twister"
Twister is a very loyal person. The type of person that puts everyone else ahead of himself. Very trustworthy and extremely tactical. The kind of person that will fully analyze a situation and perform at 100% every time. He is a very friendly guy and is hard to not get along with. But don't get on his bad side cause that maybe the last thing you ever do. He will always ensure the safety of his friends and look after them at all costs.
He can be a very sarcastic person but you just have to remember that he is only kidding. He was always well liked by his peers and well known for standing up for those who were defenseless. If there is one thing he can't tolerate it would be ignorance. The only people Twister has a problem getting along with are the people who are "blissfully unaware" the kind of people who never even make an effort to figure things out or notice the obvious.
6'2, blue eyes, short black hair, in shape and can almost always be seen in jeans and a t-shirt

Twister has grown up in both the city and the country. He has moved quite a lot in his life, been to many different schools, met many different people, and been through many ups and downs. Despite that, he has always kept his head up and never let anything take him down. His family has been dysfunctional for as long as he can remember along with that he has lost many loved ones throughout his life. But it's these experiences that make him stronger and the person he is today. His parents are separated and he currently lives with his dad in the city while he attends his first semester of college. Twister has worked hard to get to where he is and is proud to say that he never let anything hold him back.
His older brother went missing a few months back. No one seem to have a clue as to where he could have disappeared to, but Twister knows that his brother is "different" and he has a feeling his brother might be in hiding from the government. It's been hard for Twister to keep his brothers secret and for the first time he feels like he might not be able to keep himself focused. There is only so much one person can take before things start to get to them. And just when he thought it couldn't get any tougher, he discovers that he is in fact very "different" as well.
JT or "Twister" as he now likes to be called, has the ability to control all aspects of weather. Brew up storms, blizzards, twisters, hurricanes, lightning, rain, and control temperatures. He is most skilled in the manipulation of air, which allows him to fly. His powers sometimes react to his emotions so he must try and maintain a level head.

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