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Ch. 14

Brandon’s Butterfree slammed into the Slowpoke. “Good! Now use another tackle!” The butterfly Pokemon made another collision with Slowpoke and then the battle was over.

The opposing trainer returned his dopey Pokemon. “Wow…You’re really strong. Did you beat Misty?”

Brandon recalled his Butterfree and then shook his head. “I’m not pursuing the gym challenge. I’m actually searching for legendary Pokemon.”

“It’s too bad that Bill disappeared. He could’ve told you all about rare Pokemon.”

“What do you mean he disappeared?” Brandon looked down the path on the cape. All he could see was a small looking home.

“Bill used to leave town to visit his family in Goldenrod at least once a month. Nobody has seen him leave his home in almost half a year.”

“Hmmm…well that’s disappointing. I was really hoping to see him. Has anybody checked to see if he’s at home?”

“I don’t know for sure but either way I need to heal Slowpoke. See you around!” The trainer headed toward Cerulean City and left Brandon standing by himself.

“Come on out Bulbasaur.” Brandon’s grass Pokemon landed on the ground, its glossy, green bulb glinting in the sunlight. “Let’s go see what’s going on at the Cape.”

Brandon and Bulbasaur eventually ended up at Bill’s front door. Brandon rang a nearby doorbell but to no avail. The house was as dead and silent as ever.

“Is anyone there?” No answer. Brandon walked over to a window. The house was pitch black and there didn’t appear to be any movement inside. Brandon slid his fingers along the edge of the window and felt a small gap between the glass and the pane.

“I think I could force the window open…” Brandon looked down at his grassy companion “But you know we can’t break into someone’s home.”

Dejected, Brandon turned to walk off when suddenly he heard a creaking sound behind him. He wheeled on the spot and saw that Bulbasaur had used his vines to force the window open.

“You can’t do that Bulbasaur!” Brandon ran over to try to shut the window when his Pokemon jumped through the opening. “Bulbasaur! Come back!” The little blue Pokemon paid no heed to its owner and scampered off into the shadows.

Brandon stuck his head through the window and looked around but he couldn’t make out much. Brandon pulled Bulbasaur’s Pokeball off his belt and attempted to return him but the beam of light couldn’t find the Pokemon.

“Crud…This is so wrong…” Brandon muttered as he steeped over the window sill and into Bill’s home. “There has to be a light somewhere in here…” Brandon ran his hand along the wall until he finally found a switch.

As the light filled the room, a cluttered lab/office met Brandon’s eyes. Bulbasaur had run up to a table in the corner of the room and was sitting against one of the legs.

“You’re going to get us into trouble…return.” Brandon put the Pokeball on his belt and then looked down at the table. Two envelopes were very faintly titled with neat script. Brandon held them up to the light to read the addressees. The letters had been addressed to him and Jack.


“Get back to work!” Damien’s voice echoed against the empty landscape just south of Cerulean. “These explosives need to be in place by the time Tripper and his friend leave for Vermillion!”

Several of the workers grumbled but all remained vigilant in their work. Damien had gained favor with Giovanni and none of the Alpha members wanted to incur Giovanni’s wrath.

As if sensing their thoughts, Damien coolly remarked “It’d be shame if Giovanni was unsatisfied with your work…” Damien looked down into the trench his workers had dug to bury the explosives along the underground path. “So far, so good…” He desperately needed this mission to go well. Of late, Giovanni had taken a liking to him and now he had put him in charge of killing Tripper. “Who knows…maybe he’ll make me an executive…Chief even!” Damien thought to himself.

Damien stayed locked in this reverie for several minutes until an ear drum rattling explosion rocked him out of it.

An Alpha worker with white blonde hair had accidentally detonated one of the many bombs. Luckily for him, it had already been placed into the foundation of the tunnel so no one was hurt. “I don’t believe this! Now I have to re-wire the entire thing!”

“YOU MORON! ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO SABOTAGE THE ENTIRE PLAN?” Damien sprinted over to the edge of the trench, seething with anger. “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD I’VE WORKED?”

“How hard you’ve worked? You haven’t done anything but stand around!” The man pulled a Pokeball of his belt.

“Done nothing? If it wasn’t for me appointing Agent 0012 we would have no idea where Tripper is.”

“HA! Giovanni and I already took care of that. He had me plant a Cubone in Viridian Forest so he could personally track Tripper. Agent 0012 is unnecessary.” The blonde man gave Damien a nasty smirk.

“That’s impossible…Giovanni wouldn’t trust anyone else with the Tripper assignment!” Damien couldn’t afford to lose his spot at Giovanni’s side to this low level grunt.

“I’m sorry but its obvious Giovanni is going to promote me…Hopefully you didn’t get your hopes up.” The man leered at Damien and then threw his Pokeball onto the ground. A long, furry, brown and white Pokemon snaked onto the ground. It looked like a ferret.

“Are you threatening me, Agent 0158?” Damien began to circle the blonde man “Somehow I don’t think you’re Furret will be able to stand up to what I have in store for you…”

“HA! You have no hope! Giovanni only keeps you around because you’re not strong! You’ll never amo-” The man was cut off by Damien pulling a silver gun out and jamming it against the Agent’s chest.

“You would be wise to bite your tongue, Agent 0158.” Damien said through gritted teeth.

“You’re bluffing! You don’t have the nuts to kill annyone! You already had a chance to kill Tripper and you didn’t! Why should I fear you? Furret use headbutt!” The small mammal Pokemon charged at the white-haired youth.

“I thought I told you to bite your tongue?” Damien leaned into Agent 0158 and then pulled the trigger. The bullet entered the blonde man’s stomach and he slumped lifelessly to the ground. The Furret was in shock and stopped its headbutt. The devastated Pokemon gave its deceased trainer one last look and then disappeared into the grass.

Damien heartlessly kicked the man’s body aside. “Get back to work!”

None of the Alpha members protested and did as Damien said. Several of them were scared out of their minds but refrained from doing anything for fear Damien would lose it again.

“Well I guess I did myself a favor by disposing of him...” Damien was deep in thought and not even focused on the task at hand anymore. “I can’t afford to lose favor with Giovanni when he puts the Omega Plan into action.”


Jack healed his Pokemon for hopefully the last time. Houndour had been the last one to battle so he had been let out of his Pokeball.

“That was officially our third straight hour of training and I think we’re ready to take on Misty! But before we go I want to at least catch a new Pokemon.” Jack scanned the brightly lit training room. Pokemon flitted in and out of the multiple generators. “I’ve got an idea... Go Chikorita!”

The little grass type landed on the white-tiled floor and chirped happily. It went over to Houndour and head butted it, Chikorita’s sign of affection.

“Use sweet scent and bring some new Pokemon to us!” Jack pulled a Pokeball off his belt ready to catch something new.

As the light green cloud wafted amongst the machinery, several Pokemon flitted by.
Suddenly Jack saw a flash of orange tear across the room.

“What was that?” Jack pulled out the Pokecamera and set it up for a time exposure. When the orange object bolted across the room again, the camera flashed and caught a picture. A small orange mouse with black tipped ears and a lightning bolt shaped tail appeared on the screen.

Pikachu, an electric type. It stores electricity in the electric sacs on its cheeks. When it releases pent-up energy in a burst, the electric power is equal to a lightning bolt.

“Give me miscellaneous information!” Jack’s pokecamera had developed the ability to take voice commands.

“Under normal circumstances, Pikachu’s fur is yellow. This particular variety is known as a shiny Pokemon and that is what gives its fur an orange hue. The shininess of a Pokemon in no way affects a Pokemon’s offensive or defensive ability.”

“Excellent! A Pikachu would be an awesome addition to my team. Houndour use flamethrower!”

A large plume of fire ripped through the training room on a beeline with Pikachu. The electric Pokemon countered by firing a thunderbolt at it and caused a large explosion. Pikachu and Houndour were sent flying across the room, both severely damaged.

“He’s down! We’ve got him now!” As Jack pulled the Pokeball off his belt, something unexpected happened. Pikachu produced a berry from seemingly nowhere. The little Pokemon stuffed it into its mouth and quickly swallowed it. The berry seemed to invigorate the Pokemon, as Pikachu jumped to its feet and then out of the battling area.

“Dang! I think we’re going to have to re-think our strategy…” Jack looked down at his injured Houndour “Houndour, get some rest. Go Cubone!” The little brown Pokemon emerged from its Pokeball and swung its bone through the air. Cubone’s training in the plant had really paid off. The ground-type Pokemon was not only able to battle now but had become quite the combatant.

“Okay guys, you have to work together this time. Brute force is obviously not the way to approach this. Chikorita use sweet scent one last time.” As Chikorita let the mist drift through the plant, Jack was deep in thought about a battle strategy.

Suddenly, an Electabuzz stomped into view, its fur and fists crackling with electricity.

“Electabuzz, an electric type. Electab-”

“I already know Pokecamera. We fought one just hours ago.”

Electabuzz wasn’t going to wait around for Jack to make the first move. It opened its mouth wide, its teeth crackling with electricity. It ran forward and attempted to shatter Cubone.

“Cubone dodge that thunder fang and then use bonemerang!” Cubone deftly back flipped leaving the Electabuzz biting at air and then flipped its bone which cleanly connected with Electabuzz’s jaw. The bone whipped back though the air and slapped into Cubone’s outstretched palm. Electabuzz was dazed and so Jack took advantage.

“Chikorita use stun spore!” Chikorita’s paralyzing mist looked like it was going to engulf Electabuzz when Electabuzz finally came to its senses. Electabuzz’s body sparked and then it cut loose with a thundershock. The thundershock ripped through the stun spore dissipating it.

“Pokecamera, why did that thundershock erase the stun spore?”

“Electabuzz’s electric attacks are so strong that they burn oxygen. Stun spore and other powder-based stat change attacks ride on the oxygen around them. Electabuzz effectively incinerated the stun spore.”

“Okay…this is going to be a rough catch…” Jack was looking around for anything that might aid him. There were a couple of generators, a divot in the ground where a generator could be placed, and several high tension cables. Suddenly Jack devised a plan.

“Chikorita use razor leaf and bring those cables on the ceiling down!” The razor sharp leaves went right through the cables causing them to crash to the ground.

“Now use stun spore in that divot on the ground!” The yellow mist wafted across the room and settled into the indention. A bewildered Electabuzz looked around trying to figure out what was going on.

“Now Chikorita use vinewhip and grab those cables!” The long green vines wrapped themselves around the cables effectively forming a trip line.

Electabuzz had become tired of waiting and wanted more of a clash. The battle hungry Pokemon lunged at Cubone.

“Cubone use boneclub and send Electabuzz over the vines!” Cubone swung the club, evenly connecting with Electabuzz’s head. Electabuzz toppled backwards over the vines and into the stun spore-filled divot in the ground. Electabuzz attempted to pull itself out of the poison trap but soon locked up with paralysis.

“Ha! You’re mine now!” Jack threw a Pokeball which engulfed the big yellow Pokemon. The ball rocked once…twice…three times…and then PING! The ball locked. Jack finally had an Electric Pokemon.