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Default Re: Crappy Reffing

No Items/Held
No Weather/Terrain

GreenRampage [Poliwag, Weepinbell, Nidoking] vs. Bobtail [Slowpoke, Torterra, Empoleon]

Poliwag put Slowpoke to sleep, did a belly drum, and used wake-up slap while slowpokes zen headbutt misses. Body Slam KOd Slowpoke. Wake-up slap and wood hammer recoil did a lot of damage after Poliwag was KOd. Torterra then did stone edge on Weepinbell which scored a CH, but razor leaf also scored a CH to KO Torterra. Empoleon finished off Weepinbell. Nidoking came in and finished off Empoleon with a couple EQs.

GreenRampage wins, gets 1000
Bobtail loses, gets 500

I get 1500 for reffing

Salary: $8,500

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