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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Just so you know, everything from this point on is completely new, and has never been seen before on PE2K. Enjoy!

Chapter 33
Loss of Security

Unlike my previous assumptions, the prison hadn’t been very well guarded, or at least the night watches were very minimal. Still, there was more than enough to cause commotion. Already I had taken quite a big risk by shooting down one of the guards. Still, I could guess there weren’t that many guards running around, or at least most of them were inside. While these guys were armed, they probably didn’t expect us to get this far into the prison. In fact, they were probably thinking no one would make it this far into Macomb…

“So what’s your plan of action, man?” Vice asked me, looking at me curiously, “We don’t have a whole lot of time before someone finds out we’re here and locks down the whole prison…”
“We need to create a diversion.” I told Vice and Randy, “One of us needs to be a messenger to give word to Symarix and send for backup as soon as possible. The rest of us need to secure the prison and make sure no one comes in or out. We may need to lockdown the whole prison to do that…”

Vice looked at me with shock. He shook his head in disbelief.

“You’re kidding, right?” Vice asked me with his eyes wide open, “These guys have been here for years. As soon as they hear this place has been taken over, they’re going to take advantage of this as soon as they can and run the hell outta here.”
“If they’ve been here for years…” I reminded him, “Then they probably have a very good idea of what its defenses are like.”

Randy just looked at me curiously and Vice looked away in frustration.

“Look, once we get rid of the guards, we unlock all the cells and tell everyone to head to the upper floors.” I told them both, thinking it all out, “Blitz, you will be our messenger. Once all the prisoners are released, the three of us will head to the roof and Blitz will take Vice’s Pidgeot and head back to Symarix. Meanwhile, we’ll make sure no one enters through the roof.”
“Are you crazy or something?” Vice asked me with shock, “Storm Gale is my Pidgeot, and she’s mine only. You don’t know what you’re doing.”

I was getting very tired and very impatient. I didn’t want to spend a lifetime arguing this thing out.

“Listen pal.” I scolded him, “As your superior and your commander, I order you to hand over your Pidgeot.”
“Well, thanks for nothing.” Vice moaned, pulling out a red and white Pokéball and looking away as he handed it to me.

Then, I decided to get down to business. I wanted to finally get out of here, I was hating this place already.

“Blitz, you see if you can find the switch to open up the cells and lock down the prison so no one gets in. Vice and I will take care of the guards.” I told Randy.
“Well, this should be a little bit more fun.” Vice replied, his apprehensive feelings fading away.
“You got it, Juno.” Randy replied.
“And once you’re done,” I told him, “We’ll meet on the roof.”

I then tossed him the Pokéball that Vice had given me and Randy caught it and put it on his own belt. He then picked up the fallen Bagon’s weapon and wiped off the blood.

“Let’s go, we don’t have any time to waste.” I told them both.

Vice and I had headed up the stairs, after we were convinced the third floor was empty. We had arrived on the forth and the halls were completely empty, which was highly unusual. Nonetheless, we made our way to the fifth floor and I had realized there was only one more floor above us, making six floors in total. Once we had opened the door to the fifth floor, the rusty, metal door hit the back wall and sent a harsh slamming sound throughout the halls. At first, we thought the floor was empty until a massive, hulking Exploud turned around the corner and was holding two rifles in his massive hands. He looked at the two of us and just smiled.

“Well, well.” He growled with a low, amused voice, “I don’t remember the two of you shrimps ever being assigned guard duty.”
“That’s because we’re not guards!” Vice shouted with laughter, “Up yours and have a bullet breakfast!”

The Exploud readied his two Vulcan rifles and pointed them right at the two of us. With his strength, he could fire both and still have very little recoil in each hand. He then pulled both triggers, and then fire had rushed out from the end of the barrels, and he sprayed the hallway with ammunition and carnage. I then focused and concentrated hard and then bullets slowed to a crawl. Vice and I had pulled out both of our rifles and returned fire.

While we could move significantly faster than the bullets from the Exploud’s rifles, that didn’t mean our bullets were faster. The two of us had opened fire, and I felt the assault rifle shake violently had ammunition had blasted out from the end of the barrel. The whole hallway was full of bullets, and it wasn’t very easy to dodge the ones that the Exploud had fired upon us since there were twice the amount. Meanwhile, the Exploud had been hit several times, and growled in pain. He stopped firing and leaned over, and suddenly the two of us had stopping, figuring the Exploud couldn’t handle any more. At that moment, I broke my concentration.

But then, our situation had turned grim when suddenly he had laughed off the pain. He pointed his two rifles at us again. But just before he pulled the trigger, Vice and I had fired upon him first, this time at normal speed. The end of our rifles had blasted fire as the loud cracking of the rifles had echoed throughout the metal hallways.

At that moment, we heard the Exploud scream in agony, but we didn’t release our pull on the trigger until he had collapsed, falling over and dropping his weapons. He hadn’t moved once after that had happened…

I released the lock on my rifle, and tossed aside the two empty ammunition cartridges. I then pulled out the last two I had, locked them into place and had reloaded the Vulcan rifle. Vice had done the same, not wanting to run into another guard like that and be out of ammo.

“Come on.” Vice replied to me, “We have to keep moving. Blitz will be locking down the prison soon, so we need to make sure there aren’t any guards in here with us.”

I could certainly agree with that…

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