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Default Re: Battle Log Thread

Diarago's Battle Log

Friend Codes:
Pearl: 5026-0903-7130
Platinum: 2407-1237-8439

My username on Shoddy's Smogon Server is Diarago. The battle record below is what I have thus far accumulated on Wi-Fi.

386 Wins
57 Losses
0 Draws

My Rules:

- Standard 6v6 Single or Double
- Sleep Clause (Only one Pokemon can be asleep on a team at any given time)
- No Ubers unless we have pre-emptive consent that we'll use them
- Maximum of 3 legendaries allowed
- No jacked up, hacked up Pokemon
- Evasion Clause (Double Team makes you gay, but feel free to rejoice when Sand Veil makes you say "Yay!")
- Species Clause (Only one of each type of Pokemon, i.e., Can't have two Lucarios)
- No Luck Items (i.e., Quick Claw which only possibly makes you attack first, and Brightpowder, which raises Evasion to make fighting a gamble)

Clan: The Psychotic Organization

4 8 15 16 23 42

My Battle Log

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