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Default Re: Rate that Family Guy quote

Originally Posted by Solohell View Post
ehh, 5/10

Peter: You're overreacting, Lois. And you can't spell overreacting without ovary... c'ause you're a girl.
lol. 6/10
Another one of my favorites! 10/10

This is one of my favorites:
Airplane clerk:
What is your name, sir?
Robert Loasure:
Robert Loasure
Airplane Clerk:
Spell your name sir
Robert Loasure:
Robert Loasure.

R as in Robert Loasure
O as in O my god its Robert Loasure
B as in By god, it's Robert Loasure
E as in everybody look, it's Robert Loasure
R as in Robert Loasure
T as in Tim, look, it's Robert Loasure. Space

L as in look, everybody, it's Robert Loasure.
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