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Default Re: Rate that Family Guy quote

Originally Posted by Mudkipboi View Post
I love the Robert Loasure quote.
But the one above me: 5/10.

This really is'nt a quote, but in this episode Peter is in this glass box with no holes or anything, and he's at the dinner table.
Everyone's eating dinner:

Peter: *Stand up inside of box, and makes a HUGE fart, although nobody can hear it..*
Peter: *Takes a whiff of the air*
Peter: *holds throat, and scratches at the sides of the box, probably screaming: "Oh my god! Oh god, AH! I can't breathe! *coughCOUGHcoughgagGAg*
Peter: *Falls down inside of box*

But I really don't think anyone under 15 should be allowed to watch that, the show has so many sex related jokes, I don't even think it should be aired... But it's so hilarious!

Lois: We have to find a way to save the town.
*Peter rubs his chin*
Peter: How did those get up there?
*Pulls off his chin and sticks it in his pants*
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