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Default Re: Trade Reporting

Originally Posted by Pirate King View Post
I think it would be a good idea to enable some kind of reputation system with comments, so that people can check up on people they trade with. I've seen many forums with a reputation system so posters know whether or not their information will be trustworthy. Having a thread filled with random comments would be difficult to navigate through to find a particular person.

It would also be good if people could delete their comments about a person. For example, if one traded a Shiny Squirtle and the recipient believed it to be fake because the date it was met was 2014, they might leave negative comments without realizing that the original trader DS clock is just forward. This happened to me, and I had to explain that my DS clock time was just forward in years.
A rep system would be hard for us to manage with the amount of members we have. The main goal of this thread is to report bad trades and to create a system that will keep the trading forum safe. Your example is a good one, and reminded me to add an extra rule. If the negative report turns out to be wrong, we can delete it.

samtheguard- You need to put the member's name in order for the report to have any effect.

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