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Default Re: Trade Reporting

Trade Partner: samtheguard
Date it occured: July 6th
What was the trade: I was cloning some pokes for STG's giveaway.
Report: Positive.
Explanation: It was a very easy trade, was very vigilant about PM's and replied relatively quickly. When she had taken a short absense, she told me why, and when she would be back. Definetly trade with this member if you get the chance.


Trade Partner: JoeDirt
Date: July 4th- 6th.
Report: Negative.
Explanation: I was trying to get a shiny UT magikarp from him, for a shiny Mudkip that he has been wanting, and had offered me another poke for it, but I pm'd him multiple times, and posted a visitor message on his Public Profile, AND posted in his thread. Old, and new. Nothing. I have'nt heard from him since. Other people have been having communication problems with him also, from what I have read in his thread. So, the point is, I would'nt trade with this guy. It's a pain in the butt.
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