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Default Re: Rate that Family Guy quote

Originally Posted by Siris Avrage View Post
Brian: Peter do you listen to yourself talk?
Peter: Eh, I drift in and out.


Peter: Ehehehehe this is going to be so much fun i haven't cranked called anyone in years
Bill Clinton: shhh shh shh its ringing...
Bill: Hello is this Linda Tripp?
Bill: you shouldn't a talked you stupid B***h i hope you die!
*slams phone*
Peter:that wasen't a crank call at all...that was just...wrong.

1st 7/10
2nd 10/10
Peter: Lois, Doctor ? tried to sexually harass me!
Lois: Haha! What did he do?
Peter:*whispers n Lois' ear*
Lois: Peter, hes supposed to do that. It's a prostate exam!
Peter! You sound just like him!*runs off crying*
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