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Default Re: Rate that Family Guy quote

Originally Posted by Mudkipboi View Post

Okay, all the senators are in this room with an obastacle coarse with this new guy that is to become a senator. It's like an initiation.

Senator one: Okay, to become a Senator, you have to pick up that cherry off of that barstool with your buttcheeks, carry it through those traffic cones, jump over the hurdle, walk in and out of the tire course, and drop it in that glass of beer.
New Guy about to become senator: Okay. I'll do it!
Senator one: Okay, you have 15 seconds. GO!
Other Senators: *Cheering the new guy on* GO GO GO GO!!
New senator: Picks up the cherry with his buttcheeks, performs the obstacle course, and is gloating.

Oh, here's another.

This is from the episode where a new species of toad comes to Quahog, and the teens are licking them to get high.

News Anchorman: An outbreak of Colombian Toads have broken out in quahog, and local teens are licking them to get high.
News Anchorwoman: the toad's skin have intense pshycadelic properties.
News Anchorman: It's awesome.
News Anchorwoman: And to all the parents out there, if you question your children about it, it is called "Doing Toad", Lillypadding, Toad Hopping, and "Doing Kermit."
10/10 lol
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