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Originally Posted by !CeMAn
Ok, lemme try this...

-go to the Pe2K Home Page
-click 'SPRiTE RESOURCE' at the top left corner
-make a choice from the different categories, then pick the poke/ item/ sprite of your choice
-RiGHT click it(the image), scroll down to the bottom of the lil window and select 'PROPERTiES'
-take note of the URL(http) address. The entire thing will be needed to insert sprites. eg:

-go to the user contol panel(User CP) at the top left corner of this page, the one you're looking at right now as you read this post.
-edit signature
-type the URL of the sprite you want. You could also just copy and paste it from the properties window.
-at the top of the compose box, to the right of the bold, italic, underline, alignment, indent, etc, there's a lil box icon highlight the URL of the sprite and click this icon. The insert image icon, ooh, ahh...
-that should put [IMG] & [/IMG] on either side of the URL.

You're done. Rinse and repeat as needed.
Well as you can see I have my team up. I didn't understand the image properties part, but using the example link you provided, I was able to just change the number in the URL to the corresponding Pokemon & did the other steps and volia, Thanks Ice Man. A mod can close this thread if they want to
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