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Default Re: EV Training / IV Breeding Center

I can EV train your Pokemon for you, no problemo.
I don't know how flexible my schedule can be, so it usually depends.
I live in California, btw.

Anyways, the only Pokemon I refuse to EV train is Wobbuffet, and only because it's hard as hell to EV. Otherwise, I'm good.
The price? Completely free, but if I like your Pokemon enough I'll clone a copy of one for myself.
Just PM me if you need any Pokemon EVd.

Edit: Btw, just to let you know, I don't level up your Pokes for you once I'm done EV training it nor do I take care of your moveset business for you.
I'm just here to help you EV train, nothing more, nothing less.
Call me sour, but it's what I do.
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