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Default Re: Gym Challenge Info up

Negative. Here's what the site says:

Pokémon TCG Gym Challenges are sanctioned, qualifier events open to all players in good standing and are run using the Age Modified Swiss format. The Gym Challenges will be held at local game stores, and other local venues between May 1st 2004 and June 13th 2004. Results of this event will count towards your rankings.

Prizes are awarded to the top 8 finishers in each of the three age groups.

Pokémon TCG Gym Challenge Events are operated by independent Pokémon Organized Play Tournament Organizers.

This is not a prerelease tournament for a new set or anything of the sort. It will be the same format as the City and State championships. This tournament includes a VIP package and an invite to the World Championships (if you win 1st).

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