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Default Re: Robert's Sanctuary [Side effects are: Deep sighs, crying and feeling affectionate

Shot Down

Pierce the flesh,
A hole in the chest.
Front and back,
A deafening crack.

A bullet flew through the air,
The metal sang with a cheer.
Quicker than can be seen,
Evasion is every manís dream.

To master the shot,
Your mind must be clear.
Feel no emotions,
Shed not a single tear.

Itís not a solution,
Yet still the only way.
Itís always ďDonít mess with meĒ,
ďOr Iíll make you pay.Ē

The pistol crashes,
His life flashes,
Everything he had was burnt to ashes,
And this is how itíll beÖ

A single bullet, for all eternity.


Robert Brame

my gift is my song and this one is for you + don't look down, it's only love that we're falling in
all the way to your very last breath, I'll be around 'till we're parted by Death + sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

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