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Default Re: Milotic Master 1's stats

Eterna City Gym

Banner by the amazing Latias_Rider
3v3 - 4v4
No Hold Items
No Sleep Clause >:]
Freeze Clause/OHKO Clause
Normal Terrain / Sunny Weather
Challenger Releases First.

Gym TM: Energy Ball
Every mon that doesn't have it has it as gym TM e.e.

Own Pokemon

Certified Trainers: The Jr Trainer: It was a dreaded day, the sun did not shine on MMs side as the cold chill of defeat shivered across his pokemon. For short, Jr owned me with Weather and I couldn't come back. GG to him ;)

Marth: "Officially Inactive" my @$$ ;/

Uncertified Trainers: Siberian Tiger, Shinesrule14, Noob Of All Noobs, Sota, Turbo, Bryceboy10, Arcanine Savior, Arcanine Savior(2), Eraizza, Eraizza(2), LOLgg(2), Soda(2), Adam230 Politoed Princess, Adam230(2)

vaporeonpwns: lol i want to say thats what she said
vaporeonpwns: but yeah
vaporeonpwns: xD
JacksonPkmn: lmfao
JacksonPkmn: it wouldnt be a she
JacksonPkmn: dumb@$$
vaporeonpwns: umm thats what i meant
vaporeonpwns: dumb@$$
JacksonPkmn: oh...

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