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Default Re: Poetry

By Deathspector

Black varnish and black jeans
Pink hair dye and pink seams
Thick liner and swift smile
Makes the waiting all worthwhile.

A soft hand upon my own
Sweet whispers and sweet tone
Black bracelet, studded belt
Those lips they make me melt.

One quick move and she stands up
Lifts the bottle and fills her cup
Blood-red liquid, oh so sweet
Three neck chains, oh so neat.

In my hand I hold the blade
The two of us in the shade
Down her throat the liquid goes
Skin as if it had just snowed.

To my mouth she holds white pill
Fiery eyes, I swear could kill
I hold blade over left breast
Wary of her hand on my chest.

Into my mouth, the pill goes
Sweet red liquor follows slow
Night moves in, such an art
Like my blade, plunged through her heart.


Your Kiss
By Deathspector

I look in the mirror and see a boy
He stands tall and taunts me
I can do nothing, his words drill
Deep into my weakened brain
He tells me I am impure and weak
I am no more than a shadow
My heart is cut in half and vulnerable
The strong take advantage
My lies have come back to me
To haunt me till I die
The only thing that keeps me alive
Is the kiss you give me
It takes me away from my pain
Into oblivion


// The Poet Of The Fall \\
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