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Default Densetsu's Event/Iv Trade Thread Looking For Someone With Platinum!!!



I’ve been hanging around these forums for a while, so I decided to make my own thread!

1. Do not trade me hacks! Most of my events are not hack checked, if one I trade you turns out to be a hack, I will give you something else. If you do get a hack from me even if you do not want a refund, could you post saying that it was hacked so I dont trade it to someone else? Thanks
2. Do not spam or flame.
3. Do not repeatedly pm or post about a trade we have already agreed on. I have a busy schedule and will get to the trade as soon as possible.
4. I only trade for UT events, unless I really want what you are offering.
5. I will assume that I can redistribute anything that is traded to me unless you say I can’t. However, I will want the event a lot less
6. All my Events are UT and cloned unless otherwise stated
7. Have fun!

My Iv Wants
A Good Adamant Technition Scyther with Baton Pass
A Good Adamant Inner Focus Riolu with Crunch, and Bullet Punch
A Good Adamant Beldum with at least Hp-Atk-Def-Speed-Spatk-Spdef, 31-31-28+-31-X-28+

A Good Modest Trace Hp Fighting Porygon
A Good Timid Hp Fire Treeko
A Good Hasty Knock off, Counter, Encore Abra Hp ice prefered, but not neccecary
Any good natured good iv pokemon
Any good natured good iv Shiny pokemon

My Event wants:

Npower Pikachu
Itaria Pikachu
NOK Deoxys
Dutch Darkrai
German Darkrai

Other TGCWC Lucario
Other 2008 Tanabanta Jirachi
2008 B-day charmanders
Giulia Ranch
Other UK Darkrais
Gotta Catch them all events
July 13th Test Shaymin
Pokemon Ranger Riolu WITHOUT Classic Ribbon
Yukari Ranch Pokemon
LEGIt Shiegeshiege Psyduck
Diasuki Club
Both noks non-hardy natured
LEGIT Jeremys
LEGIT Italian Darkrai
LEGIT Stamp Pokemon
Wish Events
Other Movie Shaymin
Japanese E4 Glitch Arceus
Palcity Manaphy
Other Events I dont have
Shiny Events

What I Do Not Want:
Shinys without good natures and ivs
Non hackchecked jeremys
Non hackchecked noas
Non hackchecked pcny
Non hackchecked gts psyducks
Shiny 10 Anivs, 10 Jahere, 10 anniv, Bryant Park, etc. They are all hacked

My Events:

World 08 Lucario Adamant Somewhat of a clown Hack Checked
World 08 Lucario Adamant Likes to fight Hack Checked
World 08 Lucario Adamant Good Endurance
World 08 Lucario Adamant Mischievious
World 08 Lucario Adamant Proud of its power
World 08 Lucario Adamant Somewhat vain
World 08 Lucario Adamant Hates to lose
World 08 Lucario Adamant Quick Tempered

08 Tanabanta Jirachi Naive Hack Checked
08 Tanabanta Jirachi Bold
08 Tanabanta Jirachi Calm

UK Darkrai Modest X3, Timid All 100% Legit!
UK Darkrai Timid, Hasty

Shiny Movie Shaymin Quiet 100% Legit Hex Checked!

08 Charmander Naive
July 20
Aug 18

10 Aniv
Charizard Sassy
Raikou Bashful
Articuno Lonely
Moltres Naughty
Zapdos Naive
Tyranitar Sassy
Espeon Timid
Umbreon Careful
Latias Hasty
Latios Modest
Bulbasaur Adamant
Blastoise Gentle
Typlosion Hasty
Blaziken Modest
Suicune Bold
Entei Relaxed
Celebi Quiet
Alakazam Naughty
Absol Docile
Dragonite Serious
Pikachu Bashful

10 Anniv
Lugia Calm

Raikou Modest
Suicune Jolly
Entei Naughty
Charizard Modest
Lugia Naughty
Ho-oh Bold
Articuno Docile
Latias Relaxed
Latios Calm
Pikachu Impish

Vulpix Quirky
Growlithe Quiet
Staryu Timid
Tarous Docile

Kodokku Psyduck
Ken Naive
Jun Hardy

Diasuki Club
Magikarp Lvl 4 Modest
Magikarp Lvl 5 Relaxed
Magikarp Lvl 7 Hardy
Starly Mild

Manaphy Egg

Ruby Quiet
Sapphire Quiet


Hitmonlee Lax
Hitmonchan Bashful

Salamence Naughty
Electivire Serious
Magmorter Hardy
Dragonite Mild
Milotic Bold

Movie Darkrai Quirky
Alamos Darkrai Timid
Ranger Darkrai Gentle
Spanish Alamos Darkrai Lax
French Alamos Darkrai Modest

Batoruyama Ho-oh Bashful
MATTLE Ho-oh Modest
MT BATA Ho-oh Brave

Ponyta Naughty
Shroomish Jolly
Pikachu Jolly
Mew Adamant

Raquaza Hardy, Lonely
Manaphy Hardy

Mew Docile
Regirock Naive
Registeel Mild
Regice Sassy

Mew Bold
Phione Relaxed
Yamna Naughty
Pachirisu Naive
Aerodactyl Jolly
Snover Relaxed
Miltank Calm
Pikachu Jolly
Crogunk Naughty


Pktopia (German)

Pktopia (French)

Ash-Some fan event set

Gamestop Deoxys
Concert Chatot Timid
E4 Glitch Shaymin Calm
Mystery Mew Calm
Palcity Mew Quirky
Palcity Lucario Modest
Baba Flygon Naive
Gologo Octillary Serious
Yamamoto Whiscash Gentle
10th Deoxys Naive
Movie Regigigas Brave, Adamant
Test Shaymin Adamant, Sassy, Quirky, Modest BT
Movie Shaymin Mild, Hasty, Timid, Modest, Calm, Docile, Jolly, Adamant, Bold

Shiny Events:
Ageto Celebi
Test Shaymin Sassy
Movie Darkrai Bold
Mystery Mew BT Adamant
JBHF Manaphy Quiet
Tru Manaphy Quiet
Ranger Darkrai Bold
Rocks Metang Adamant
E4 Glitch Darkrai Gentle
E4 Glitch Shaymin Impish
Space C Deoxys Rash
Palcity Lucario Modest
Wishmaker Jirachi Naive
Alamos Darkai Timid, Quiet
Move Regigigas Bashful, Naughty
FC:4511 1478 0019

Credits to KDH for the banner-Click on it for my thread
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