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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

“Well, well, fancy seeing you here, old friend.”

“Huh?” Rye placed his paws in front of him and looked up. The dark face was blurred in double vision for a moment before it cleared. Then, as he recognised the features, he recoiled and hissed. “Scythe! Leave! You don’t belong here!” He studied her for a moment before speaking again. Wait… “I saw you this afternoon!” he shouted. “You were almost dead! How—”

The Absol cut him off quickly with a sly grin. “I guess I really should thank you for saving my hide. I was lucky the master got there as soon as he did, really.”

“Grrr…” Rye growled and bared his teeth at her, clenching his paws as hard as he could. “I should have LET you die! Just like I killed your team-mate!”

“What did you do?” Scythe’s voice was almost a low hiss now. The black Absol seemed to be shaking with fury. Rye wasn’t interested in games, though. There were more pressing matters at hand. Zanna was lying unprotected who knows where, and he could see that Codan was alright, though it did seem to take most of his strength to stand up again.

The Elekid turned back to Scythe and growled. “I’m not in the mood for games, Absol. Let me go!” But when he tried to get up, he soon found Scythe barring his way.

“Tell me what happened…to Arc!” she hissed.

Rye sighed. I don’t have time for this! All the same though, he grinned slyly up at her. “He was no match for me,” he crowed. “See this?” Rye took out the small, silver shuriken that was still stained with Arc’s blood. “It pierced him,” he continued lightly, swirling the blade on the palm of his paw. “Pierced him straight through the heart…” He trailed off, almost snickering, when Scythe brought a paw forward. Rye tensed; that was just the moment he’d been waiting for. He leapt up agilely onto the paw and used the forward momentum to flip up onto a large boulder that had been blown free of the wall.

He landed lightly on his feet and crouched down, pressing low to the cool, rough surface of the rock. His breaths now came out in ragged gasps. I don’t know…how much longer…I can keep this up. He tried to move slightly and then cringed back, whipping a paw around to the left side of his chest. When he drew it back, fresh blood clung to his fur, leaving it all matted. “Arggh…” Scythe’s paw must have still caught him at the last minute. He wasn’t as fast as he could be, either.

He winced again as he pushed himself back against the rock. Wait for it…Just as he’d predicted, the overly-tensed and psychotic Absol had lunged upwards towards him. Rye rolled over at the last second, leaving Scythe to dig her fangs into solid rock.

The Absol recoiled in pain and hissed again. “You have a death wish, Elekid! Just you wait!”

But Rye wasn’t dumb enough to wait for Scythe to regain her senses. By the time the Absol could stand again, he’d already bolted off halfway across the room, ignoring the intense pain that shot through his side every time he took a step. He met up with Codan who deftly punched a Mightyena before using his wings to spear its stomach. “Wow,” Rye murmured. “You have some moves.”

The Dragonite flashed a quick smile before dispersing the dog. “Nothing compared to yours, I see. I’ve never met anyone who moves so fast. It’s like you teleport pretty much instantly.”

Rye shook his head brusquely. “I only wish that were the case. Where’s Zanna?”

“What?!” Codan glanced briefly around the room. “You lost her?!”

“I-I didn’t mean to!” Rye snapped back. “She was knocked away by the explosion! Speaking of which, we have more trouble. Raze and Scythe are here.”

Codan’s eyes narrowed and a puff of smoke was snorted from his nostrils. “You find Zanna. I’ll take care of them.”

“But—” Rye tried to argue, but Codan had already swept off from the ground, leaving the faintest cloud of dust behind him. “Grrr…” he growled again and turned away swiftly. Never mind that, where was Zanna? He jumped on top of another boulder to get a good view of the surrounding area, and almost fainted.

Hundreds of corpses lay on the battlefield, both good and evil. Rye cast a glance to the large hole that gaped in the far wall. Tonnes of Pokemon rushed in; swiftly dealing blows to anyone that got in their way. One in particular, however, caught Rye’s gaze. The smirking Weavile held up a walkie-talkie and cocked its head to the side. With its left paw, it signalled to another Weavile who merely nodded and raced off so fast that Rye couldn’t see where it’d gone.

I know that Weavile, he glared. They’re the Hunters! But why would they be here? His thoughts strayed back to Zanna chained to the wall. He gritted his teeth and raised a paw to his aching side again. He knew. They were after Zanna. And hadn’t he been warned that there’d be competition? Whatever had that Pikachu done? “Arrggh!” He shook his head in frustration again and ignored all the mayhem around him. “I need to find her!” he hissed. Then his eyes widened. There she was, just inches below him, swept against the side of the boulder.

He dropped down instantly and raised a paw to the unmoving figure. “Zanna,” he murmured. “Zanna, can you hear me?” No response came from the body; she was knocked out cold. And no wonder. Who knows what she’s been through, Rye thought. Ignoring the protesting stab of pain, he bent down and gently picked up the limp Pikachu. It suddenly struck him right then exactly how fragile she was. She weighed little much as a rock in Rye’s grasp. How could this creature be what Deoxys was after?

But he couldn’t think for long; a jagged paw smacked into the side of his head, sending him off balance and flying through the air. No! Protect Zanna! With his paws grasping the Pikachu tightly, he rolled over in mid-air and braced himself for the rough landing. As soon as his back hit the gravel, he cried out in pain. It seemed like he was on fire! It took ages for the relentless ground to slow him, but once it did, he found that he was unable to move. His back was red and raw now, the sharp rocks below digging into it painfully. Rye gritted his teeth and tried to keep the room in focus, but he could feel his consciousness slipping.

A dark shadow loomed over him, sneering and reaching out towards Zanna. “I’ll take that!” But Rye was ready.

“Over my dead body.” When the paw was close enough, he bit into it savagely, tasting the rusty blood in his mouth.

The figure roared in pain and snatched its paw back, cursing. “You little brat!”

The Elekid spat the blood out of his mouth, and though it almost made him faint, rolled over so that he was bent over Zanna, protecting her. “You…won’t get her!” he replied slowly, his body shaking with the effort to remain upright.

“Try me!” the figure retorted, slamming another paw into Rye’s back. The Elekid screamed. He could see the blood dripping down around him, swirling and mixing into the ground. His teeth hurting now, he narrowed his eyes in vain as the blows came again and again. The darkness was drawing closer and closer until it threatened to swallow him.

I won’t die for a lost cause, he thought fiercely. If I die, it’ll be for a friend. His blurred eyes peered down at the Pikachu in front of him. They were dull and lifeless now, none of the emerald fire they once held visible within them. The blows were growing distant and he was beginning to get closer to the ground, when something made his eyes focus. He took a sharp breath as he saw Zanna wearily open her eyes. He noted that they were dull too, but hadn’t lost any of the intensity or fierce determination that always shone within them. “Zanna!” he whispered lightly, a slight smile on his face.

“Hmm?” The Pikachu groaned and tried to move, but instantly fell backwards again, instead clutching her stomach.

Rye peered down at the blood stained fur and felt a rumble rise within him. “Don’t move, Zanna,” he managed to force out. “I’ve got you covered.”

Zanna’s pained face relaxed as she opened her eyes again and spotted Rye. However, her expression immediately changed into shock as she eyed the Elekid more closely. “Rye…move! You’re hurt!” The words didn’t come out nearly as impressive as she’d hoped. It was more of a soft gurgle.

Rye grinned as she attempted feebly to push him away. But she couldn’t budge him any more than she could fly. “No,” he assured her. “I’ll be alright.”

“You don’t look it…” Zanna replied, doing her best to glare at him.

Rye gave a soft chuckle. “I will be…if you’re safe…” He trailed off in that instant, and as his back was dealt a final blow, collapsed beside Zanna, uttering a silent scream.


It was hard to focus my eyes, but they managed to see everything. Rye collapsed beside me in an instant, leaving only a sneering, wicked Weavile looming above me. “You’ve run out of luck, Pikachu,” it cackled. “Who is there to protect you now?”

“Me!” The Weavile’s shocked expression was engulfed in flames that killed it almost instantly. The charred Pokemon fell to the ground beside me in a crumpled heap. A small laugh came from behind it and a red figure leapt across to me agilely. “Well Zanna, I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner, but business called.”

I managed to prop myself up against the boulder and eye Jarre curiously. “You didn’t kill him, did you?”

The Torchic frowned, glancing beside me. “Oh, come on. The time for mercy has passed! I mean, if he didn’t…he would have…” He trailed off uselessly and then spotted Rye. “What happened to him?” he uttered in amazement.

I saw that Rye’s back was red and raw, blood was gathering in dried scabs everywhere, and he really looked like a mess. “I’m not sure,” I replied slowly, a crease forming in my forehead. “But I think he was protecting me.”

“Hmm…” Jarre eyed him a moment longer before turning away. “You’ll have to look after him for now, I have something to do. But I’ll be back soon!” he added, glancing at the worried expression on my face.

I turned to Rye. “I can barely look after myself, how am I meant to look after him, too?” I shook my head slowly, ignoring the sudden rush of dizzy spells. I remembered when I’d tried to move him how little he’d budged, if he’d even moved at all. “Rye…move! You’re hurt!”

He’d only smiled then, mocking me. “No, I’ll be alright…I will be…if you’re safe…”

That glint in his eyes had shocked me. He’d used the last of his strength to protect me…did I even deserve it? And why? Why would he risk his life for me? I sighed. This was all too confusing. “Ah!” I fell backwards against the rock as a sudden earthquake hit; but it wasn’t normal. A loud, ripping sound erupted from the earth beneath me and steadily grew. “What is that?!” I gasped. In one, sudden movement, the ground burst open and gravel flew everywhere. I shielded my eyes with a paw and grasped Rye with the other, hoping to Arceus that I’d at least live through this. Hundreds of Pokemon were knocked back as a deep rumble issued from the dust cloud in front of me.

“Get away from the light!” It hissed savagely.

I peered into the fog slowly and froze, meeting a single, ruby-red eye.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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