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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: July 18th, 2008
* Birthdate: January 8th
* Name: Call me Chip or LB or Lord or Blood.
* Alias: Lord Blood, Lord, Blood, Sir, Shadow, Sir Shadow, Chip, Chiparikh. I know, a lot
* Sex: Male (Ladies, PM me, looking for a pair.)
* Race: Asian
* Ethnicity: Indian
* Birthplace: Mamta Hospital, Maharashtra, India
* Location: Currently in Wayne, New Jersey
* Height: 5' 8"/9"
* Weight: 140-/-150 (My weight shifts a lot over the Summer.)
* Shoe Size: 9/10 Wide
* Eye Color: Black
* Hair Color: Black
* Piercings: Eww. Wtf?
* Tattoos: None.
* Dating/Marital Status: Single.
* Sexual Orientation: Straight...
* Family: Mom, Dad, Dad's 2 Parents, and Mom's mom
* Pets: Never have, never will.
* Grade: 8th
* Occupation: Student
* Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Black and occasionally Orange-Yellow
* Favorite Movies: Iron Man, etc.
* Favorite TV Series: Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, Simpsons, etc.
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Linkin Park, Wintersun,
* Favorite Video Games: Mortal Kombat
* Favorite Character: Peter Griffen/Stewie
* Favorite Book: HP series
* Favorite Food: Pizza
* Favorite Beverage: Koka Kola
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Nike, and New Era
* Where you've traveled: Lake George, Hersey Park, and like 10 different places in India
* Hobbies and Keywords: Playing Basketball, baseball, eating junk food, watching TV, and Partying.
* Picture (Photo): N/A Pervs...

-: ♥ Paired with Sakura-chan ♥ :-

Shoddy Usernames: Lord Blood and LB Voting