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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: 4/01/07
* Birthdate: 3/06/90
* Name: Lindsay
* Alias: "Wandering Mew" (Lindz)
* Sex: Female
* Race: Um...Human? o_O
* Ethnicity: Mutt :D
* Birthplace: Some Hospital in Michigan.
* Location: Flint, Michigan
* Height: 5' 5"
* Weight: I'd rather not say. >_>
* Shoe Size: 7 1/2
* Eye Color: (dark) blue
* Hair Color: (dark) brown
* Piercings: none
* Tattoos: none...Fear of needles. D:
* Dating/Marital Status: Single >_>
* Sexual Orientation: Lesbian :3
* Family: Mother & Father, Half-sister, two half brothers, and one half sister. And that's just my "immediate" family. XD
* Pets: six dogs and two cats...and two stray cats.
* Grade: 12th
* Occupation: Lazy son-of-a-gun. XD
* Favorite Colors: Purple, green, blue, and yellow.
* Favorite Movies: Pokemon Movies, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away. (Just about any Anime movie XD)
* Favorite TV Series: Avatar: the last airbender, Pokemon, Death Note, Simpsons, Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed, and many more...
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: I focus more on the music than the person writing it. XD But I like country and soft rock.
* Favorite Video Games: Pokemon! :D Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Legend of Zelda, etc...
* Favorite Character: From what? o_O I have a lot of favorite characters.
* Favorite Book: The Sisterhood of the traveling pants
* Favorite Food: Tacos XD
* Favorite Beverage: Coca-Cola
* Favorite Clothing Brands: If it's comfy, I'll wear it. :D
* Where you've traveled: Well, I went to Florida once. >_>
* Hobbies and Keywords: Drawing, Singing, Spriting, Daydreaming, and staying inside my room watching TV.
* Picture (Photo): Sorry, too afraid of cameras to ever get a good picture.

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