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Default IV Breeder Here

I'm an IV breeder, I've been breeding competitive level pokemon for a while and I'll list my past projects. All of my pokemon are legitly bred with no use of AR codes. IVs are listed as HP/Attack/Def/Sp. Attk/Sp. Def/Speed

Elekid, adamant
egg moves: Cross Chop, and Ice/Fire/Thunder Punch
1. 25/31/24/9/31/31

2. 19/31/13/7/15/31(Shiny, it was egg hatched by me)

Scyther, adamant w/ technician
Egg moves: Baton Pass
1. 31/30/31/31/30/31

2. 29/31/29/31/31/31

Dratini, Jolly
Egg moves: Light Screen

Bulbasaur, Bold
Egg moves: none

Bagon, Mild
Egg Moves: Hydro Pump

Bagon, Modest
Egg moves: Hydro Pump

Bronzor, Sassy
Egg moves: none

Meditite, Jolly nature
Egg moves: Thunder/Fire/Ice Punch, and Psycho Cut
1. 26/31/21/6/29/31

2. 19/31/4/30/31/31 (it's shiny and legitly egg hatched by me)

Buizel, Jolly nature
Egg move: Baton Pass

Sneasel, Jolly nature
Egg Moves: Pursuit/Fake Out/Ice Shard/Ice Punch
IVs: 31/31/24/31/26/31

Male Ralts, Adamant nature
Egg Moves: Will o Wisp and Shadow Sneak
IVs: 28/31/27/28/31/31

Shroomish, Adamant nature
IVs: 24/31/31/11/30/31

Pichu, Hasty nature
Egg Moves: Volt Tackle
IVs: 19/31/3/31/31/30
With HP ICE with a power of 70

There's more, but I don't feel like listing them all. I'm interested in Events and other IVed pokemon as payment. I take on breeding projects, so feel free to send me a PM if you have a job for me, along with the "ideal" IV spread and other details (nature, egg moves if any, ability, etc...). I'll let you know whether or not I can do it.

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